Just for the day
A long time ago I carried this pain in my heart and I made up my mind never to forgive that someone that hurt me so much, I reminded my self everyday, that I was never ever going to forgive …..then something happened and I asked myself does this person even know I was hurt and if I forgive this person then what would I lose?
There and then I realized I gained instead of losing after forgiving …….You know there’s this feeling we all have when we don’t forgive someone ,…..When we see that person we don’t want to forgive there’s this fast beat we can’t dance to from our heart ,sometimes it comes with a sharp headache, sometimes it even comes with nausea feeling or sudden blood rush in our vein…
We all carry the resentment ,the hatred ,the pain all about, not knowing its doing more harm than good. to us ……Yes everyone has been hurt one way or the other, some even greater than the other ,some forgettable and some are not ……some of us can never forgive our parents for something they said to us ,some our friends for their betrayal ,some we’ve been hurt by people who made us promise but never fulfilled it ,some its even our lovers that hurt us so badly, while for some its themselves they can never forgive …….
Hmmm Why don’t we just try to let go of those hurt ,those pain …anyone might have caused us ,drop that burden and let’s give chance to forgiveness in our lives. Don’t get me wrong am not saying its easy to forgive, No!!! sincerely its not and the hardest part is forgetting ……
Forgiveness we should know its a process it takes time ….don’t rush it ….research shows that people who forgive are happier and healthier than people who show resentment .Ann lander said and I coat *that hate/forgiveness is like an acid it damages the vessel when stored in it and destroys the vessel when poured * like I always say am not a preacher but let’s try and see what happens when we all start to forgive all those who have wronged us.
This might be difficult to do but ,It takes God and his grace like I said its a process ……See one of the most difficult things in live is to respond to evil with kindness and forgive the unforgiveable ,but like I said we have to take one step at a time towards it. when we do this, life becomes so easy to live. ,smile becomes. so easy to give. and we become. so happy

My loud thought


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