Our Opinion matters

Our Opinion matters!!!

Hmmm, how well can I appreciate everyone,for everything since I started my loud thought ,the encouragement I get everyday,the advice,the criticism,the prayer and the approval .

Everyone’s comment is so important to my loud thought,even the shortest one , My pastor sent me a message that the forgiveness series of my loud thought was thought provoking,and some said it mended a lifetime relationship.

The wisdom,knowledge and understanding all belongs to God ,I will keep writing as long as you keep reading .Thanks so much for your love
I remain my humble Me

So for today …..>.This message was sent to me and its a question I would love everyone to answer .
Thanks for my loud thought it has really helped me since you started. Pls help me , I am a 30years old lady who should be married ,but each time I bring a man home to introduce to my father ,My father tells me he doesn’t like their state of origin,so I can’t marry them . .
This is the 6th time and 6th Man my dad will reject ,I don’t want to disobey my father what should I do ? I am confused .

Dear friends let’s help this lady ,the little advice we give can go a long way. You can leave your comment,send a message either on facebook or twitter

Thanks (follow on twitter @jemimaTolase will ff back)

My loud thought


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