A Grateful heart!!!!

A grateful Heart!!!!

One day I went to visit someone in an office ,and the janitor was called to get something,The janitor got it and the boss just said. Well you can go and that was all , and in my mind I thought “wow just like that with all the stress not even a “thank you ” , I thought of how the janitor must have felt leaving the office ,how he would have lost his self esteem been a man ,how he would feel probably because he is a servant so he is not entitled to a little thank you.

Majority of the people who don’t have much money find it difficult to like the rich people ,why? because most of them believe the rich people are so proud , they feel they can get anything at anytime from anyone, without having to say thank you.

Most of us ,because of our Pride and Ego(hmmm a series on myloudthought coming up soon*winks*) we forget to say thank you ,to people who once helped us ,or to people who work for us , we sometimes believe well “it is my right so why do I have to say thank you ? or she is just a maid its her job after all . Many of us think we deserve whatever we have ,so no “thank you” should follow ,we’ve all forgotten that showing the act of gratitude goes a long way .

Many of us hardly even say thank you to people who try to show us love ,we sometimes get carried away and think well I didn’t ask for the love ,In a rush many of us forget to say “thank you” to the simplest courtesy that we receive .

Many of us are so busy with plans for the day ,that we forget to say thank you to God .The giver of the life that can plan for the day . Yoruba nipe “ti omode ba dupe ore ana ari omiran gba “.

Let’s cultivate the habit of saying “thank you” either to our friends,spouse,co workers,maid or helpers .Even when you feel what they did isn’t worth it .

Those two letter words go a very long way ,try the “THANK YOU” theory this week .You will be surprised what the power of “thank you” can do .

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