What we call Love

Some thought for lunch !!!!!!

Hmmmm ……..sometimes I just think of lots and lots of things and I put it into writing am not a story teller neither a writer, am never good at both but I just love doing this, ok so let’s go to the main thing …….

sometimes when I talk about love and life people ask me questions like some guys must have broken your heart? some even ask me why I love to talk about love so much? but isn’t that one of the most important or most important thing in life Either its the wrong or right way? no matter how tough on the outside we seem to be we all desire to be loved ….but one way or the other some love has gone so bad. ….

Lots of relationship we know don’t even have a very good ending some started so good and ended so bad, sometimes it starts so bad and ends so good ,at times we even know we are loving the wrong person or we are loving at the wrong time but our desire just won’t let us stop ……then we ask ourselves every time, why this love story stories don’t have happy ending ?….

Maybe its time we all know the meaning or definition of this love before we start falling into it, someone once told me his own love has calculation but seriously if u will fall victim of love you will nobody is smarter than love …….its time we get back to the basics of love …….what is love …..some will say love is when you find someone that makes you happy ,some says love doesn’t exist ,but seriously maybe we’ve all been looking in wrong places for the real meaning of love ……let’s look this way …….

Love is kind ,love is patience ,love doesn’t keep records of wrong, 1corinthians 13:4-10 …..hold on a minute am not trying to preach am not worthy of that but when we know this basics of love then our love story starts on a different note maybe some of us needs to start with ourselves …..let us love our self, be patience with our self ,forgive our self for the wrong steps we have taken or wrong people we have allowed in our lives or even the wrong decisions we have made then things would change for our Good ……..then we can start to love one another successfully as God loves us ……. our love story is about to get better. And we can mean I LOVE YOU. When we say I LOVE YOU without looking back …..1love let’s us share

Its just my loud Thought


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