Call a friend

Call a FRIEND!!!!

The dictionary defines a friend as someone who one knows ,likes and trust .Another definition of a friend is someone who gives assistant ,patron and support . Now I have a question for us ,do we or anyone we know fit very well into that definition of friend ? If yes well that’s good ,but if no I would like us to ask ourselves why?

It takes love,trust,patience,respect and great understanding to be a friend, if we or the people we call our friends don’t have all this then there’s need for a check. Many of us are so taken away by acquaintance,and we didn’t notice when the real friends walked out of our lives .

Yes , many of us has been betrayed by people who we call our friends, oh I have been there believe me, for some, they were able to forgive and forget and go back to rebuild that trust *thats not easy tho* but for some well ….they forgave but couldn’t continue with that friendship. I sincerely don’t blame anyone who did that ,some things are just best left the way they are!!

for those of us who have friends or are someone’s friend, let’s make the best we can make out of it .if you want to be a friend be a loyal one …..there’s this adage that says “20children cannot play for 20 years” that is very correct , The moment you have with each other, make it a memorable one ,don’t be a friend that people would never wish for .

Friendship goes a long way ,It can either make us or break us, for people that friendship as made continue to be the loyal You ….but for people who has been betrayed by friends .well don’t just give up on having another one . there are still some Friend in need. Friend indeed out there that needs you ,Go out there and meet people just make sure you follow your instinct this time around, don’t go into friendship blindly and for the wrong reason ….make friends who your goals are similar and who when either of you make progress they won’t become envious of you,make friend with people that can have your back anytime and won’t leave when the storm hits .

Shout out!!!! to all good friends out there ,who has been there one way or the other for their friends. Its good to mean a Friend WHEN WE CALL A FRIEND . Friends define WHO WE ARE

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