Have you Ever?

Have you ever?.
looking into empty space with like millions of questions in my head …..Yea I know , Seriously many times I wonder what really goes on in peoples head ,If we had the power to open up peoples mind we would be surprised. at the series of things that would be found in it …

Maybe am the only one thinking this or not but ….

Have you ever thought one thing we can do to change this world?
Have you ever thought of making an impact?
Have you ever had a wish that was never fulfilled ?
Have. you ever wished so much that something should be Yours?
Have you ever loved someone so much that they didn’t realize how much it hurts?
Have you ever wished you never had to say somethings you said?
Have you ever said sorry for the hurt and pain you caused some people?
Have you ever thought of a good reason why you are the living ?
Have you ever felt at a point in your life you wanted to give up but God helped you?
Have you ever said thank you to God for giving you the air that you breathe in?
Have you ever said to your self you are destined for greatness?

Take a sit and answer all this questions ,maybe there and then you will find answers to some things you’ve always wanted to know .

My loud thought

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