A mother, is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one can take -Cardinal Mermillod ..
Sleeping through the night wasn’t possible at all …..don’t get me wrong. Technically I wasn’t thinking .okay yea(rolling eyes) I was thinking ….
I just couldn’t forget that labor room scene yea I know (its called adventure). That look on that woman’s face ,that pain in her eyes and that cry for help/ freedom ,because am sure she wanted nothing but to push that life out of her …but also I can’t forget that smile on that woman’s face when that baby came out. Believe me, its not a smile that can be exchanged for the best diamond in the world ,then the baby cried and I saw that natural love no one can ever give to you except. A mother !!!!!

Mothers are the best in the world, Apology to all the fathers, but seriously when you see a woman you should celebrate one ,think about the 9 months journey , think about the sleepness nights theyve had,think about the blame they’ve taken because of us ,think about the sacrifice some mothers have made to make their children the best in life .
Yes sometimes they can have different opinion from ours, somethings they can decide to train us in a way that we somethings think its wicked but all they wanted was to make us a better person (I rem this song *who sat and watched my infant head*)

For those mothers who died fighting there children’s battle may your souls rest in peace. And you will forever be loved ,and for some people who don’t have a good relationship with their mothers please go back to right the wrong ,it doesn’t matter who is at fault now ,some people wish they had that mother to quarrel with ,please swallow that pride and make things right and for to those who their great mother passed on ,well its not to late to right the wrong, you can be the best mother to your own children so they don’t regret not having a good relationship with you .
Let’s make our mothers happy ,let’s tell them we love them ,it doesn’t have to be mothers day before we show it ,A mothers heart yawns for their children’s love ,just like we yawn for their love when we were young ,show them what a great hero they are !!!!

My loud thought

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