Hmmm ,Today is about Humility. Its been on my mind for too long now.
I just needed to write down this thought… onto the matter!!!!!
The dictionary defines humility has been respectful,modest.,lacking pretense , and not believing that you’re superior to others ,Humility in various interpretation is mostly seen has virtue in religion ..
I have actually met some very funny people who tell me they can’t help been proud its in the family ,some say well its not pride I have, its ego. sometimes people see humility has been stupid but seriously, let’s face it I was taught that the word “HUMILITY IS POSSESED BY ALL GREAT LEADERS .

The holy bible tells us that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble ,I can’t imagine God opposing someone. hehehe that’s not on point at all . You see, some people are in a very high position that they’ve actually started seeing people below them as nothing. Have you forgotten ,the same people that joined hands together to bring you up can also join hands together to bring you down, I am not saying we shouldn’t be confident in ourselves , but don’t misinterpret pride for confidence .so many relationships has been broken because someone was too proud to say sorry in it ,so many contracts have been lost because someone couldn’t say please ,so many people became so proud because of the help they rendered to people and in the process miss their blessings, so many people have remained helpless because they were too proud to let people help them , there’s no point in been proud if the result isn’t a good one . Please let’s practice humility in whatever aspect we have been proud. let’s carry with us the virtue of humility everywhere we go

I would love to stop *i wish I could keep writing tho* with this story .Someone once share this story of five people who went for interview in a particular company ,has they all sat down awaiting to be called upon ,A cleaner was sweeping a particular place then four of the applicants told the woman, was she too dump to know she shouldn’t sweep while they are seated , they passed insult on her and she said sorry ,then the fifth person stood up took the broom from her and told her she’s too old to sweep like that, it was time for the executive to finalize the interview ,the MD called the woman and asked her who do you think deserves the job .The woman didn’t think twice before mentioning the guy that helped her ……hmmm see, Humility pays there’s no body who remains humble and regrets it. Stay humble people, the fact that you’ve made it doesn’t mean the next person won’t !!!!
Be blessed !!!!!
My loud thought

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