Tell the world!!!

So many times, I ask myself. if people actually see this life we are living as a right or privilege ?some don’t even think God deserves a thank you, for all he has done for them. have you ever told the world ?.

How gracious God. Has been to you ?
How he saved you from that accident ?
How you survived that 9months pregnancy without needing to be admitted?
How he helped you get that contract you don’t deserve?
How he made the plans of the wicked known to you?
How you passed that exam without reading ?
How he gave you what to eat ,when you didn’t have a kobo with you?
How he loves you when nobody cares?
How he clothed you when all you had was rag ?
How he saved you after that abortion you promised him you won’t do again?
How he made people favor you when you didn’t measure up to the merit?
How he healed you when you thought that sickness was going to kill you?
How he remains faithful to you despite your unfaithfulness?
How he called you his daughter/son when your family disowned you?
How he promised to be with you all the days of your life?
How you did what no one has ever done in your family?
How his mercy kept you till this present moment?
How you’re able to breathe in and out without going to withdraw money to deposit in the hospital. For oxygen?

TELL THE WORLD how good he is to you ….don’t wait until time out …God deserves our ALL!!!!!
My loud thought

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