A cry for Help!!

Hmmmm! When I got this email, I couldn’t help but get emotional! This is a story of a young girl, telling me to please tell this story to the world, we should please advice her on what to do with her life. My people this is a cry for help; she needs US!

The story goes this:
“Jemima, this is a story I would like you to share with everyone. It’s the story of my life. I won’t mention my name because this is something that brings shame to me.

“I was from a rich family until my father died few years ago. I am the only child of my parent, I’m in my early twenties. My father died when I was 15years old. While my father was still alive, he was my best friend and I never had to ask for anything twice. Just one day he complained of headache and died, I don’t know what people think killed him but I know one thing for sure that my mum is the cause. Yes I know, people would think I’m wicked but my mum happens to be the devil.

“My mother is a very materialistic woman; all her life is about gold and clothes. Even when my father was alive she would prefer to use everything he had for Gold, that is how far she can go. When my father died she didn’t even act like she lost anyone, all she kept saying was life continues. Some years after my father died, she started spending everything he left behind, using it for parties, even parties she knew nothing about.

“Then the whole money finished, at least that was what she told me because I was in a boarding school. The only time I had to see all she was doing was whenever I came home for holidays, but after I finished my secondary school I got admission into a private university from where I dropped out because of money. I have been rolling in shame and reproach since then. I tried to get a small paid-job but my mum told me not to search anywhere for job that I was beautiful enough to get all I wanted.
Then one night she took me to her friend’s hotel and told me that’s where I would work as from that day. That night,she tied a bead around my waist, and I’m not sure maybe she used something on me but all I can remember was I agreed to all she said.

“That was the beginning of my ill fated journey. I was given some clothes that night and was told to wear it. I was introduced to some girls who started taking me out. That night I slept with 3 men and I lost my virginity. The next day I went home and kept crying telling her I can’t do this, what if I get pregnant? Then she smiled and said; “my daughter you can’t get pregnant, the bead I gave you will prevent pregnancy all I just need from you is bring money home so I can get gold and maintain myself. I will give you your own percentage.”

“Yes I know you will say I was old enough to make decision but its wasn’t that easy. I think all this happened to me with the use of black magic, this continued for almost 3 years and whenever I go out and come back in the morning all she gives me out of the money I make is 2 -3 thousand naira. But sometimes last year, I followed my friend to church, and it was during one of the services that the pastor said someone was under a bondage and he needed to pray for the person.

“I can’t explain how? But I found myself in front and the pastor laid his hands on me the rest was history. After few months of encountering God I told my mum I wouldn’t do that job again, that I needed to move on with my life. She told me when its time to move on with my life she would tell me. I told her NO; the time is NOW and at that moment she told me if I decide to move on she won’t stop me but I can never have a child as a result of what she has done to me .

“Pls Jemima I need people’s advice. I don’t know what to do, I have met guys whom I like but the shame and reproach won’t allow me move closer to them. My mum keeps telling me I can never have a good life except I do what she wants. What should I do? This is beyond me; I have suffered long enough!!!”

Hmmmm, my people this is not a Nollywood story! This is a real life story; let’s pray for this lady. Advice her please; our opinions really matter!
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Thank You..

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One thought on “A cry for Help!!”

  1. Hello anonymous,ur story is a very pathetic one considering all u’ve gone thru in ur early years.but not dat ur case is irredeemable…God knws better of than us and @ that moment u gave ur life 2 Christ Jesus,every of ur past became cancelled.I think u shld stop seeing ur mom if possible,stop hearing all d negative words.Then u need to forgive urself,and forgive ur mom too.forgive her but dnt go back to her,just release her 4rm ur heart.Go to a bible believing church and believe God’s report concerning ur life.in choosing a life partner u might have 2 tell him everything u’ve gone thru in d past so u both can face dis 2geda.God will comfort u and make those wasteful years count for u in future.with God all things are possible.Your children will come


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