Get a life!!


Get A Life !!!!
It was a very long conversation ,then she said something that actually made me break that 30mins rule .She said, I can’t do anything specific in life now until I get married .yea, that shocked you too? that was the look I had on my face when I heard that. She said Jemima, you know its when you get married you can have a purpose ,well I don’t blame her o its because she doesn’t know the truth yet .

You see, my pastor said to me “blindness is not only when your eyes can’t see, blindness is also not realizing that as far as you can see,God has taken a place for you there ”

This write up is for every youth,single ,double who always thinks they don’t have a purpose until they have a Family . Being single is not being limited …at the time when you are single its a good time for you to maximize your potential.that is the time you have to discover your self,your gifts,your talents,your dreams, to develop your character, so when the right person comes ,then it becomes so easy to become one. No matter how deep that love is ,No love is too deep to take in liability.

Mckinney hammond said and I coat “that those who wait for others to entertain them ,only seem boring for those who have the ability to entertain “…

let us all wake up ,become creative ,have a teachable spirit that is always open to learn new things. when we do this, life becomes easy to live .don’t say “until I am married” because marriage comes with a lot more responsibility than we all think.
You see if an idle mind is the devils workshop then, an empty life would actually be the best place for devil to sleep and wake. You been single doesn’t put a stop to your purpose .
The best way to get a life is to discover our purpose and run with it !!! Stand up people! Don’t let the words you hear or what you see limit your potential,don’t let the hurt you’ve felt take that life from you ,Go get your Life,We can DO IT!!.
So help us God!!!!

My loud thought


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