Act of gossip

The Act of Gossip !!!
Hmmm , did lots of research writing *the act of gossip* because this is one very act that has caused war and conflict in promising relationship either at work,among friends, in our homes etc
The word gossip as much as we are familiar with it, we don’t like to be identified with it. not because of anything but the consequences . Yea I know what some guys are thinking …”This write up is for women not men” but the fact is either we agree or not its a unisex act the holy and the not holy do it *even me rolling eyes * God help us .

You would agree with me some people happen to have doctorate degree in gossip .
While some would say they don’t gossip they only gist. but the fact is those stuffs you gist about can you actually confront the person who that gist is all about in it ?if you can’t that aint gist nomore it has turned to gossip . I would like us to know that even the holy book sees gossip as. a “fools act “.prov 10:18” And I know we are not fools and can’t be .

But for anyone who has made gossip his /her second nature pls stop .because gossip as we see it is a time waster, it stops you from making progress while the people you gossip about are one step ahead of you . There you are struggling to find your way out of the mess gossip caused for you. Free your self from friends who all they love to do with you is gossip.

We need to know that gossip breaks promising friendship ,causes war, leaves a scar that sometimes can never be forgotten .Gossip is an agent of damage ,it damages peoples image,pride ,.self esteem . Gossip is nothing good but a slow poison to the soul . The Act of Gossip needs to stop. And we all need to redeem that peace that gossip as taken away .

Let’s all live together in Love. when you see someone doing the wrong thing don’t take advantage of their weakness and make it the topic of the century .instead pray for them and correct them in love .don’t gossip cause you want to be someone’s favorite because at the end you end up being the enemy of the state! Live a life that isn’t scared when you hear people mention your name because that’s what gossip does. keeps you unnecessarily at alert thinking that person you talked about knows already . Gossip is actually stressful .stay away from it and Reserve the energy for a resourceful task .
Peace !!

Myloudthought with jemima

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I mean Success

I mean SUCCESS!!!!
Many at times we ask our selves what it takes and means to be successful ? Some see success as having a big house with a fat bank account, others see success as having a good family and peace well all of this added together is part of success but being a complete success comes with having a fulfilled life .

Success is when people can look up to you and say you inspire me to be great , success is when your story of success can be told anytime anywhere without having the fear of who can expose your secret. More so while success to some people mean money, peace and family you should ask your self what success means to you? And your driving force to be a success before you make up your mind to be a Success.

However we should know that The sweetest success is the one that’s most difficult. The one that requires you to reach down deep inside, to fight with everything you’ve got, to be willing to leave everything out there on the battlefield—without knowing, until that moment, if your heroic effort will be enough..

There’s always a story of failure before a story of success .let’s look at all the people who are genuine success in our society. they all have their stories to tell. they didn’t just wake one day to become a success Na!! they’ve been through one thing or another before the success story . But we all humans and our effort can never be enough that’s why we all need the grace of God to make us a certified success .

Don’t let where you are at the moment limit or define the level of your success .So in case you wondering why is my success story not complete yet well you are about to complete the once upon a time story .once that is done your success story will be a block buster what am tryna say is everything is a process don’t rush to stardom when it isn’t your time yet. just keep doing your thing, don’t get distracted stay focused ,so when you make it to stardom it would be a long lasting one because what you rush to get will be collected back in a rush too
And that grace to be will be given to us .let’s go succeed this new week let’s go make history ! because we are a success already
Love ya all !!! Peace !

My loud thought with jemma

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looking for peace?

Looking for peace ?

Hmmm, peace! peace! peace! everybody seems to be on the quest for peace. every nation wants peace, but no one seems to know where peace can be found. . Why? I think We’ve all been looking in the wrong places to find peace .some thinks peace is found in work ,relationship,finances ,friendship and gets very disappointed when they couldn’t find. that peace .

Hmmm, how Good would it be to have that feeling of harmony that makes your body, spirit and soul one. that feeling that gives you the assurance of goodness. Yes! that is what real peace should feel like.
But guess what? how can we find that peace when we all seem to have forgotten that peace start from within you!

You have to get in touch with your inner peace. Then it starts to manifest on your outside and to the people around you . That inner peace can only be found in God!. not in any one, not in any relationship, not in money, not in material things, but in God alone your peace is guaranteed! let’s stop searching for peace when its not lost !

He is there waiting for you to reach out for that peace dangling .that peace is what tells you you’re not a failure ,that peace is what tells you that you’re wonderfully made. that peace is what tells you its doesn’t matter what the situation is you will be outstanding! that peace is what gives you joy and hope and that peace is what makes your love complete!!

No Man on earth I repeat NO MAN on earth can give peace because that peace wouldn’t even last for seconds but go to the one who gives everlasting peace because in him our peace of mind is certain. And eternal. .A PEACE WITHOUT THE FEAR OF WHEN TO RETURN!!!

My loudthought with jemima

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Greed is am inordinate desire to possess wealth money or objects with the intention to keep it for ones self . Far beyond the basic needs of daily survival and comfort. GBAM!!!!

Everyday I ask my self what actually made oliver twist to keep going back for more ? After thinking and analyzing I actually settled on the fact that oliver twist was a bit greedy but in his own case it was food . Greediness does not have to be on food alone , greediness could be on money,power,relationship and what have we .

So many of us need to know that greediness never births a good thing .In your quest to acquire more of everything to your self, you hurt other people .you begin to act selfish ,you begin to trample on peoples emotion and you become peoples enemy .

Am not saying we shouldn’t want success. success is different from greed .success is when you get things to help improve other peoples life and greediness on the other hand is when all you’re doing is for no one but you .

Greediness begins when we stop to understand that vanity upon vanity all is VANITY!! ,when you begin to lose your self control ,self worth in the world of I WANT MORE . The thing is if we don’t take care of the little thing we have how do we expect it to increase . Its just like a flower you neither prune or trim. it won’t grow at all .

We have to cultivate the habit of taking care of the little we’ve got. either work,relationship,finances and all so God can bless it instead of looking for more in the wrong places .

If you’ve been greedy please stop !! If you’re about to be then don’t . ‘Cos in this world of ours greedy people don’t last !!! In your quest to gather all for your self you gather things that are not meant to be in your life!!!! Its like a pest who’s only agenda is to destroy.
Greediness is a PEST. Don’t let it destroy you!! Destroy IT!!

My loud thought with jemima

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He owns it all!

He owns it all !!!

As I sat down thinking as always, I remembered this story I read in my fathers book yea *rolling eyes* my father happens to be the Author of all Authors hunhun I know what you’re thinking his name is “God”

I read a story about a king who had everything in this world ,his fame ,riches,kingdom was known all over the world and everyone respected him .Then all of a sudden he looked at all he had and said to him self yes I have done it .I built this kingdom to this level ,I own the beginning and the end.

So God in his humility and infinite wisdom with the splendor of his majesty said to the king ,well since you’ve forgotten I am the source of all this .and you decided to take all the credit, why don’t we see if you have control over this too.

Then he turned the mind of the king to that of a wild animal ,he started eating like an ox ,dew fell on him .all the houses ,riches,titles, money,gold. He thought was his were all gone .

Then I thought to my self.

What is that thing you have that you’re so proud of ? What is that thing that people give you credit for ? What is that achievement that you look at and smile to your self saying yes I did it . Well don’t forget there’s nothing you’ve done by your power but for the grace of God .don’t take the Thank you God deserves .Give him the glory and praise for all because you don’t deserve anything you’ve got its just a PRIVILEGE!!!! Don’t let your story be like the KING’S!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!!!!
myloudthought with jemima

When all you want is the moon


When all you want is the moon!!

Have you ever been a situation where the only person that believes in you is yourself?. Yes!! sincerely I think “nine out of ten” has been there. some of us are so confident in our selves that all we ever want is the moon. we have built this cliche for our self that we have begun to see our selves in it.

But guess what!! one day you tried sharing your aspiration and dreams with people and then it happened .they made you a “laughing stock” they nick named you a dreamer. telling you dude you better be real it can’t happen!! . but you kept telling your self it would .

I can imagine how people made martin luther king feel when he started the “I have a dream” well it did happen!! Here is a good news for you. don’t give up !!,keep doing your thing be consistent ,trust God he says all things are possible if you believe !. believe you can do it and you will. don’t be discourage if they ask you who has ever done it in your lineage just smile and tell them well its starting from me .

Whatever that moon is ,it could be your career,finances,relationship,academics,……. Stay focus ,don’t stop acting ,don’t stop believing!! . words only hurt when you allow yourself to believe them . don’t be surprised when you finally get your moon people that laughed at you will come visit you in your haven !!

My loud thought with jemima



As a child,we were taught to always respect our parents,teachers,elders including our mates too. but in this 21st century we seem to have forgotten to pass that moral lesson of respect on . gone were those days,. When it was a big crime to call an elder sister or brother by name ,when you were expected never to talk back at your elders or pass by without greeting .
Also ,there’s something called self respect which is most required of everyone to have .ok let’s be clear.. self respect is having self confidence ,not allowing people to treat you badly and not associating your self with people who disrespect! .

Lots of things seems to be happening in this our generation . we’ve been so distracted that we forgot the place of respect . some actually think the only people we owe respect are our parents No!! Respect is to be given to everyone either you know them or you don’t either they are older, younger or the same age . Either you’re in power or not everyone deserves respect . Don’t forget respect is reciprocal if you have been wondering why people don’t respect you .you should check your self worth or the way you respect others too because what goes around comes around you know!.

Know your self worth ,don’t allow people to treat you anyhow ,have good carriage and don’t keep friends who disrespect .when you’re disrespectful you won’t move forward . People wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you and that’s like been left alone in your world .

I think respect is given and received. we expect people to respect us the way we respect them but the fact is respect can not be measured as quantity, it can’t be bought or traded .so if you have been wondering why people have not been respecting you . Try and work on the way you have been respecting people too .don’t forget “in that measure you give ,it will also be given back unto you” . That person you last respected might be you saving grace tomorrow . PEACE!!!

My loud thought with Jemima .


Hmmm ,today is all about valuing people. No matter how small or less they seem to be to you.

Value is very important to human, it gives us a sense of belonging, makes us know we are important. Don’t ridicule people because of your money or whatever you have . Value people that correct you .all they want is the best for you ,Don’t be too proud to be corrected .
When some of us are corrected we tend to withdraw from the rest of the world , thinking we are being exposed to people to know our flaws, then we start feeling insecure .  Its for your own good,dont make people who correct you enemies thats no way to value.

“All great leaders are always wanting to learn and know their mistakes and how to correct it”. they are doing that because they have been there or done that .
When you see someone making mistake try as much as possible to help them . Correct people in a polite way don’t say because you know it all then you don’t want another person to . That’s called selfishness, don’t correct people in a bid to make a fool out of them .

Let us all value one anothers opinion , have regard for everyone you come across. you don’t know who could be in a position to help you tomorrow. What you do today will count tomorrow .
Do have a nice day .
One love ………

My loud thought


stop judging start loving

Putting this thought into writing seems to be a very big deal today not because I had nothing to write but because there are lots in my head … but after a long while I decide to settle my loud thought on this.

I remember vividly the story of a woman who was a show girl. People in her community thought she was a bad influence on the society and she should be an outcast. Then they all decided to take her to the court of law. When the case was passed on to the judge, It was so obvious the woman was guilty and everyone except the judge was in a hurry to condemn her. At the end, the judge decided to give her a second chance; the people started grumbling that the judgement wasn’t fair enough.
The judge looked at them and said; “can anyone here who has never committed a sin before raise his or her hands up”. No hand was raised. You can guess the how the story ended.

We are in a world where people find it very easy to pass judgement, sometimes without even having a clue what the case is all about. We just want to appear to people showing that we are innocent even when we are not. We have all forgotten that there’s someone who happens to be the greatest judge of all who despite our sin still gives us second chance and who always corrects us in love everytime.
“Cast a stone he who has lived without sin”. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying its good to commit a crime. “NO, IT’S NOT”. All I’m saying is if there are people around us doing something wrong let’s correct them in love. Don’t be in a hurry to pass your judgement. Don’t you think probably they never had the chance to know the truth that you know or they once knew the truth but were rejected because of it.
Some people have decided not to do anything right because the one time they made mistake, the judgement that was passed on them buried their self-confidence and pride. Let’s all be ready to help one another. When we see people laying in mud don’t keep matching and spitting on them instead stretch out your hand of love to pull them out. Encourage them that they can do it because some people actually think the best place they can be is inside the mud.
Let’s stop being judgmental; let’s correct in love just has the greatest Judge of all (God) does. “Agbajo owo la fi n so’ya, owo kan o gb’eru d’ori”. Nobody Holy Pass. PEACE!!!
My loud thought

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