stop judging start loving

Putting this thought into writing seems to be a very big deal today not because I had nothing to write but because there are lots in my head … but after a long while I decide to settle my loud thought on this.

I remember vividly the story of a woman who was a show girl. People in her community thought she was a bad influence on the society and she should be an outcast. Then they all decided to take her to the court of law. When the case was passed on to the judge, It was so obvious the woman was guilty and everyone except the judge was in a hurry to condemn her. At the end, the judge decided to give her a second chance; the people started grumbling that the judgement wasn’t fair enough.
The judge looked at them and said; “can anyone here who has never committed a sin before raise his or her hands up”. No hand was raised. You can guess the how the story ended.

We are in a world where people find it very easy to pass judgement, sometimes without even having a clue what the case is all about. We just want to appear to people showing that we are innocent even when we are not. We have all forgotten that there’s someone who happens to be the greatest judge of all who despite our sin still gives us second chance and who always corrects us in love everytime.
“Cast a stone he who has lived without sin”. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying its good to commit a crime. “NO, IT’S NOT”. All I’m saying is if there are people around us doing something wrong let’s correct them in love. Don’t be in a hurry to pass your judgement. Don’t you think probably they never had the chance to know the truth that you know or they once knew the truth but were rejected because of it.
Some people have decided not to do anything right because the one time they made mistake, the judgement that was passed on them buried their self-confidence and pride. Let’s all be ready to help one another. When we see people laying in mud don’t keep matching and spitting on them instead stretch out your hand of love to pull them out. Encourage them that they can do it because some people actually think the best place they can be is inside the mud.
Let’s stop being judgmental; let’s correct in love just has the greatest Judge of all (God) does. “Agbajo owo la fi n so’ya, owo kan o gb’eru d’ori”. Nobody Holy Pass. PEACE!!!
My loud thought

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