Hmmm ,today is all about valuing people. No matter how small or less they seem to be to you.

Value is very important to human, it gives us a sense of belonging, makes us know we are important. Don’t ridicule people because of your money or whatever you have . Value people that correct you .all they want is the best for you ,Don’t be too proud to be corrected .
When some of us are corrected we tend to withdraw from the rest of the world , thinking we are being exposed to people to know our flaws, then we start feeling insecure .  Its for your own good,dont make people who correct you enemies thats no way to value.

“All great leaders are always wanting to learn and know their mistakes and how to correct it”. they are doing that because they have been there or done that .
When you see someone making mistake try as much as possible to help them . Correct people in a polite way don’t say because you know it all then you don’t want another person to . That’s called selfishness, don’t correct people in a bid to make a fool out of them .

Let us all value one anothers opinion , have regard for everyone you come across. you don’t know who could be in a position to help you tomorrow. What you do today will count tomorrow .
Do have a nice day .
One love ………

My loud thought



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