As a child,we were taught to always respect our parents,teachers,elders including our mates too. but in this 21st century we seem to have forgotten to pass that moral lesson of respect on . gone were those days,. When it was a big crime to call an elder sister or brother by name ,when you were expected never to talk back at your elders or pass by without greeting .
Also ,there’s something called self respect which is most required of everyone to have .ok let’s be clear.. self respect is having self confidence ,not allowing people to treat you badly and not associating your self with people who disrespect! .

Lots of things seems to be happening in this our generation . we’ve been so distracted that we forgot the place of respect . some actually think the only people we owe respect are our parents No!! Respect is to be given to everyone either you know them or you don’t either they are older, younger or the same age . Either you’re in power or not everyone deserves respect . Don’t forget respect is reciprocal if you have been wondering why people don’t respect you .you should check your self worth or the way you respect others too because what goes around comes around you know!.

Know your self worth ,don’t allow people to treat you anyhow ,have good carriage and don’t keep friends who disrespect .when you’re disrespectful you won’t move forward . People wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you and that’s like been left alone in your world .

I think respect is given and received. we expect people to respect us the way we respect them but the fact is respect can not be measured as quantity, it can’t be bought or traded .so if you have been wondering why people have not been respecting you . Try and work on the way you have been respecting people too .don’t forget “in that measure you give ,it will also be given back unto you” . That person you last respected might be you saving grace tomorrow . PEACE!!!

My loud thought with Jemima .


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