When all you want is the moon


When all you want is the moon!!

Have you ever been a situation where the only person that believes in you is yourself?. Yes!! sincerely I think “nine out of ten” has been there. some of us are so confident in our selves that all we ever want is the moon. we have built this cliche for our self that we have begun to see our selves in it.

But guess what!! one day you tried sharing your aspiration and dreams with people and then it happened .they made you a “laughing stock” they nick named you a dreamer. telling you dude you better be real it can’t happen!! . but you kept telling your self it would .

I can imagine how people made martin luther king feel when he started the “I have a dream” well it did happen!! Here is a good news for you. don’t give up !!,keep doing your thing be consistent ,trust God he says all things are possible if you believe !. believe you can do it and you will. don’t be discourage if they ask you who has ever done it in your lineage just smile and tell them well its starting from me .

Whatever that moon is ,it could be your career,finances,relationship,academics,……. Stay focus ,don’t stop acting ,don’t stop believing!! . words only hurt when you allow yourself to believe them . don’t be surprised when you finally get your moon people that laughed at you will come visit you in your haven !!

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