He owns it all!

He owns it all !!!

As I sat down thinking as always, I remembered this story I read in my fathers book yea *rolling eyes* my father happens to be the Author of all Authors hunhun I know what you’re thinking his name is “God”

I read a story about a king who had everything in this world ,his fame ,riches,kingdom was known all over the world and everyone respected him .Then all of a sudden he looked at all he had and said to him self yes I have done it .I built this kingdom to this level ,I own the beginning and the end.

So God in his humility and infinite wisdom with the splendor of his majesty said to the king ,well since you’ve forgotten I am the source of all this .and you decided to take all the credit, why don’t we see if you have control over this too.

Then he turned the mind of the king to that of a wild animal ,he started eating like an ox ,dew fell on him .all the houses ,riches,titles, money,gold. He thought was his were all gone .

Then I thought to my self.

What is that thing you have that you’re so proud of ? What is that thing that people give you credit for ? What is that achievement that you look at and smile to your self saying yes I did it . Well don’t forget there’s nothing you’ve done by your power but for the grace of God .don’t take the Thank you God deserves .Give him the glory and praise for all because you don’t deserve anything you’ve got its just a PRIVILEGE!!!! Don’t let your story be like the KING’S!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!!!!
myloudthought with jemima


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