Greed is am inordinate desire to possess wealth money or objects with the intention to keep it for ones self . Far beyond the basic needs of daily survival and comfort. GBAM!!!!

Everyday I ask my self what actually made oliver twist to keep going back for more ? After thinking and analyzing I actually settled on the fact that oliver twist was a bit greedy but in his own case it was food . Greediness does not have to be on food alone , greediness could be on money,power,relationship and what have we .

So many of us need to know that greediness never births a good thing .In your quest to acquire more of everything to your self, you hurt other people .you begin to act selfish ,you begin to trample on peoples emotion and you become peoples enemy .

Am not saying we shouldn’t want success. success is different from greed .success is when you get things to help improve other peoples life and greediness on the other hand is when all you’re doing is for no one but you .

Greediness begins when we stop to understand that vanity upon vanity all is VANITY!! ,when you begin to lose your self control ,self worth in the world of I WANT MORE . The thing is if we don’t take care of the little thing we have how do we expect it to increase . Its just like a flower you neither prune or trim. it won’t grow at all .

We have to cultivate the habit of taking care of the little we’ve got. either work,relationship,finances and all so God can bless it instead of looking for more in the wrong places .

If you’ve been greedy please stop !! If you’re about to be then don’t . ‘Cos in this world of ours greedy people don’t last !!! In your quest to gather all for your self you gather things that are not meant to be in your life!!!! Its like a pest who’s only agenda is to destroy.
Greediness is a PEST. Don’t let it destroy you!! Destroy IT!!

My loud thought with jemima

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