looking for peace?

Looking for peace ?

Hmmm, peace! peace! peace! everybody seems to be on the quest for peace. every nation wants peace, but no one seems to know where peace can be found. . Why? I think We’ve all been looking in the wrong places to find peace .some thinks peace is found in work ,relationship,finances ,friendship and gets very disappointed when they couldn’t find. that peace .

Hmmm, how Good would it be to have that feeling of harmony that makes your body, spirit and soul one. that feeling that gives you the assurance of goodness. Yes! that is what real peace should feel like.
But guess what? how can we find that peace when we all seem to have forgotten that peace start from within you!

You have to get in touch with your inner peace. Then it starts to manifest on your outside and to the people around you . That inner peace can only be found in God!. not in any one, not in any relationship, not in money, not in material things, but in God alone your peace is guaranteed! let’s stop searching for peace when its not lost !

He is there waiting for you to reach out for that peace dangling .that peace is what tells you you’re not a failure ,that peace is what tells you that you’re wonderfully made. that peace is what tells you its doesn’t matter what the situation is you will be outstanding! that peace is what gives you joy and hope and that peace is what makes your love complete!!

No Man on earth I repeat NO MAN on earth can give peace because that peace wouldn’t even last for seconds but go to the one who gives everlasting peace because in him our peace of mind is certain. And eternal. .A PEACE WITHOUT THE FEAR OF WHEN TO RETURN!!!

My loudthought with jemima

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