Money! A dangerous friend.


Screech !!! and Gbam! was the sound that echoed in my head that moment, I couldn’t stop thanking God for protection, at the same time asking him to help us all get to our different destination. But wait a minute what would have caused the accident ? Then my head started screaming Money ! Money ! Money !. I wish i was able to see into the 30mins of that journey I would have judiciously ran for my dear life! I remember the driver kept lamenting even after entering the car. I couldn’t fathom all he was lamenting about until we were like 10mins into the journey. There was this guy who got into the taxi last ,while we were on the road he told the driver he had to get down, he forgot something,ofcourse he wasn’t going to pay the whole charge. The journey had not even started yet, then the driver kept saying it was not possible, because he already had a plan on the total amount he would realize from all passengers. Mehn! it took heaven and earth a session before the driver agreed to stop for the guy .

We continued our journey, unfortunately I was sitting beside the driver and all I saw him doing was banging the stirring wheel and soliloquizing bitterly on how the passenger that got down made him loose money blablabla. He couldn’t even concentrate on the road, he was overtaking heavy trucks and swaying to the wrong lane. All the passengers started begging him to pls take it easy, he shot back and said we don’t seem to realize he has lost #150 because of the guy that alighted. I couldn’t believe my ears,coupled with the fact that I was sweating and calling the host of angels to help us get to our various destinations safely.

This Man didn’t stop banging on the wheels,lamenting,overtaking until I heard Gbam!! He had hit another car that was gently parked by the tail light. All I could say was “Jesus take the wheel”. well thank God no one was hurt and we all got back inside to continue the journey. Few minutes later a passenger got down and I was almost shouting congrat to him for safe journey! at least he was off the hook.

What kept ringing in my head was this guy could have killed us all because of money! money!! money !!!

Don’t get me wrong, am not saying money isn’t good, but at the same time the bible calls money the root of evil! Now some money lovers be like what ? Yes that’s the truth. You see that money we see can destroy a nation. Money been the root of all evil doesn’t mean evil is a plant agricultural then money is the stem NO! it means behind every bad thing that happens money is always a factor in it. Now for example imagine the experience I had, the evil would have been if we all got hurt and the cause would have been money .

The bible tells us to pay our tithe and no devourers shall visit us. Now imagine If you don’t pay your tithe, then you would be a candidate for devourers visit. what could bring about those things? Money! you see why its the root of all evil. Another thing we ought to know about money is its also a root of blessing. the bible talks about bringing your tithe and offering into the house of God and windows of heaven will be opened upon you, now imagine that kind of blessing you can get with money .

You see everyone needs money, but always make sure your reasons for needing money is a good one .

Money as we should know is a spirit and also a visitor yea someone is like jemima how? Now this is how, money is a spirit because its intangible and invisible, it can create serious effects in peoples life both its presence and its absence. Now you see why its a spirit, that’s why you have to control that spirit of money and don’t let it control you! once you allow money control you it can be very dangerous I mean very !. Now another thing about money that you should take note of is, money is a visitor. it comes and goes, its not permanent it doesn’t stay with you forever.

One thing to know about a visitor is, the kind of reception you give them when they come to visit matters ,when you treat then well they will always want to come back. now that is money. If you treat money well by not abusing it, using it for wrong purposes rather you invest it ,and giving it out most especially to the poor it would always want to come to us.

Wish I could go on and on, but you know I have to go. Always have this at the back of your mind, that money could be a root for evil or good depending on how well we handle it ! He who loves money would not be satisfied with money. Most importantly you can’t serve two masters God and Money ! You have to choose one,but my advice to you is choose God and every other thing will be added!

Do have a blessed week!
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Chineke God!, its been a week of blessing so far. God has really been opening my eyes and heart to so many things I never had any idea of . I know this week is going to be a blessed week for you too! .

Now to the main thing today my loud thought will be about something very special. something that concerns everyone. Its about the word we speak! Am gonna quickly take us to the bible here *I hope we don’t mind *? Yea! We don’t .The bible talks about the word we speak as giving great joy when spoken right (Proverbs 15:23) .

You know,I always see the words we speak as food we eat .Imagine when you don’t eat an healthy food what happens ? The body becomes sick and all. so also the word we speak, when we speak unhealthy words its affects our soul and the people around us that hear it .but when we speak great things it edifies our soul .

The word we speak when used in proper way can
Edify, encourage and give confidence! .A right word spoken at the right time can actually be life changing .

For those who know me too well knows am always very careful when it comes to words .I always make sure not to be careless with the words I hear or the words I speak because
1. The words we speak are life or death .
2. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks .
I try as much as possible to feed my heart with something good and that is the instruction given to us by God that everyone has to obey .

Its hurts me so much when I hear people go into word war. Most especially when it has to do with little children ,the word we speak is like a seed that grows in peoples life over time. when words are spoken wrongly or rightly it settles down into our soul .The word we speak go out from our mouth and go into our ear, and other peoples ear then it drops into our souls and it either gives us either happiness, sadness,confidence or discouragement. Now you can imagine when you speak the number of people its gives life or death ! .

Am not saying sometimes people won’t push us to speak wrong. Ofcourse ! We are human bound to get angry and express our selves but in doing so ,You have to be very careful. so while you were trying to convey your message it doesn’t end up messing everything up!

*Joyce Meyer said, when we understand the power of words and we realize we can choose what we say or think then our lives can be transformed*.

If you have noticed you’re always in a low spirit or its like that with people around you, then you should take a quick check on the words you speak or the words spoken around you .If your family or job or relationship is going through one problem or the other, then you need to change the word you’ve been speaking around it and start speaking life,greatness ,success,and see what happens. Because the words we speak has great affect our spirit .

Let’s start speaking good things all the time and cultivate the habit of confessing greatness. when you’re in a tight corner with nothing good to say its better to keep quite until we can gain control of what we speak and never let it control us .
I just have a question for us .Have we been speaking Life or Death ? Remember its all in our mouth we just have to choose one and choose wisely !!

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Silent Treatment ? Oh No!

Silent Treatment ? Oh No !!

God knows the kind of punishment I actually dread most in my life is the silent treatment .oh lord I hate it *in Madeas voice * I could take a million strokes of Cain but silent for a second is what gets under my skin .

One thing I noticed people enjoy doing once there is conflict is silent treatment. Most especially in friendship or a relationship between a man and a woman. while some people actually think that’s the best weapon of correction I would gladly tell you its the best and most common weapon of mass destruction in a relationship! worse than nuclear weapon I tell you !.

Show me a relationship where silent treatment is their hobby and I will tell you its heading for the rock .oh believe me I have been there its been practiced on me before and I have practiced on some people too (never again tho !). Well my own definition of silent treatment is “what you are saying by not saying anything ”

Its an act of withdrawal,its a manipulative way of gaining control. really, what better way can somone gain control when communication is shut down? if you ask me that’s it !.

When you do silent treatment you’re causing physical pain on the person .simply by ignoring someone’s existence you cause them more harm than good *Now who does that ?

What we don’t know is silent treatment brings bitterness on both side. unconsciously we give in to bitterness causing emotional turmoil “Awww I can imagine ”

And pls don’t even tell me “jemima is a way to cool off your anger ” No ! Its not. Cooling off is a different thing entirely. silent treatment is way of been dominant over a person. its when you doing something to get back at the other person and you let them know .The fact is you care less who wins .

While you’re on your silent treatment adventure the other person is feeling a sense of loss ,unworthiness or low self esteem ,believe me I have been there and to make someone feel that way is nothing but cruel .

When someone gets you angry,let the person know . speak your mind out and don’t bring silent treatment to the table all in the name of I want peace to reign or you don’t want the other person to get angry. What’s a good relationship without the ups and downs anyways .

Please if silent treatment is your thing Pls stop! Its no best way to handle a situation .the only thing it does is destroy good and promising relationship be it friendship or any other ship. If you’re wrong apologize and move on if you’re right then call the other persons attention to the wrong with love. Then everyone can move on .


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No pain! No gain !

No Pain! No Gain !

Yea we’ve all heard it before, we’ve all said it before. The question is what does it mean to you ?

Now follow me on the roller coaster of my thought *smiles* now. Yea some people be like PAIN?.

Majority of us will agree with me when I say in the world of gain there is always a price to pay. Good! Now that is the pain we talking about its not the kind of pain that brings blood No! its the kind that requires focus,commitment,sacrifice,grace and consistency .

Wait a minute! I hear some Bible scholars saying jemima what do you mean? we are heirs of the kingdom so we get anything we want of course! even the devil would never disagree but remember, even before you became heir to his kingdom, you attended a school of salvation where you were thought, the do’s and don’t of the kingdom.

Now that is where the pain which is the hard work comes in. You will also agree with me that some things were not so easy to stop but by his grace .
Now that we all know what “gain and pain” means in this contest .

Let’s incorporate it into our daily life yea this is it.
If you’ve been working and you’re wondering why there is no fulfillment in it lemme ask you a question, are you putting all your effort into the work or you’re nonchalant about it? because what you can’t picture you can’t feature in it !.

Now in your relationship, has there been lots of problem? ask your self have you both invested in each other. love wise? Mentally?spiritually? Do you value for each other ? Because sincerely its only what you plant and nurture that’s grows!

Now you’re neglected by families and friends and you’re wondering why the title of your life is “no one cares” you also need to ask your self have I really been there for them when they needed me too? if no then you need to retrace your steps.

The truth is we all love to sit down in the “too comfort zone” and still expect the extra ordinary reward of hard work. we can’t just expect things to find their way to us we have to make a move to and then God blesses us with lots of goody bags with gain in it !

Oh how I wish I could go on and on but you know your girl gotta go make impact in the lives of small kids lol remember “To get the gain, You have to work for it !

Make sure you don’t get meat tipsy! Do have a nice holiday.
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My Experience! My Teacher!

My Experience !!My Teacher !!

Wow! celebrating my independence from hurt,pain and deception above all a one sided kind of love .The best gift I ever got is the gift of freedom and I hope after reading this you will get yours too. Enjoy !

Once upon a time, when I use to see people who one way or the other was disappointed as “weak”. I always said to myself why? how? Would you allow people hurt you so much with fake promises? why they made people raise their hopes so high and at the end let them down? little did I know it was never something they wished for. I didn’t have a clue all they saw from the beginning was hope. Until they realized how temporary or fake it was!.

Not until few years ago I actually had to learn my own lesson too the hard way .this is a personal experience out of hundreds I would love to share with myloudthought readers . I would not only love you to read but would love people to learn from my own experience .


Once upon a time when I always thought my happiness could only be found in people ,their love ,friendship or words . I got use to finding comfort in human love and all . In a relationship where I was ready to sacrifice my own happiness thinking it doesn’t matter if two persons could share the happiness of one person .when I so much held on to peoples words and promises that ended up hurting me when they failed. leaving me with nothing but tears and blames for myself for been so stupid to have believed people .

“I trusted people so much that I stopped trusting my self” if you know what I mean. I put all my happiness in fellow human being like me. forgetting that after all they all humans who can change at any time without anyone asking why ?.

Then one day, I trusted so much in the words of the mouth that I got too carried away to realize it wasn’t a word from God which is sure to come to pass .Then it happened again!. I was let down one more time! I was so heart broken and angry again. but this time around not at the person but at my self for allowing my *stupidity * to rule over me .

Little did I know that God wanted to teach me a lesson

How I learned my lesson.

After my so called final heartbreak I told my self this was going to be the last time I would feel this stupid . I went on my kneels cried and cried then went back to the foundation *God* which I neglected in my unconsciousness .I spoke to him as a daughter would speak to a mother after all he is our all in all. .

Then he sat me down, and asked me why I left my first love alone to search for a love that couldn’t do without the first love? I kept asking myself who my first love was ? had a particular name in my head. but I could feel my father *God* smiling at my childish thought.

He whispered to me I am your first love .before anyone knew you I did! I formed you, I know what human don’t know about you. I know what makes you weak and makes you strong .
He told me all I had to do was trust and believe him! .

He told me in him I would find promises that would be fulfilled. In him I would find eternal joy! in him I would find everlasting love and in him is my peace of mind !. There and then I realized I had been looking at the wrong places for happiness. All I needed to do was look into just one place and all the rest will be completed .

Then I looked up to the sky and I told my first love how sorry I was. I could feel him hugging me and whispering to me in that breeze that all will be fine. All he just wants from me is to love him first and every other thing will fall into place. Then I realized all that you have is yourself and God in it !.

I had the best teacher of all .My Experience !

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Our life! Our Song!

Our life! ,Our Song !
Right now I wouldn’t say the music my life is playing is perfect but I can tell you its the kind. that is pleasant to the ear and not noise . Yea you wondering *life and music*? let me get to the root.
You see, music according to my lovely old dictionary is An aesthetically pleasing or harmonious sound or combination of sounds GBAM!!. Now let’s assume all we do everyday of our life and all we are meant to be are been recorded as songs . Imagine the kind of tone yours would be.

Try and picture if your own song would be noise or a sweet music to the hear. Imagine if your song would be the one that deserves the grammy of life or the one that wouldn’t even make it to the top one million music chart of life !. You see everything we do is like a song. Your life has been giving to you it is left to you to write a good song out of it .

Come to think of it now, If you’ve been living a good life definitely the reward of the good life will be the song it sings . And if you’ve been living a bitter life Imaging the lyrics of a sad song Now how does that feel ? When people listen to the music of your life does it make them cry or laugh? Does it change life or destroys it ?

Let’s try as much as possible to live a life that sings great music. Not for us alone, but for people around us and the generations to come . Its the music our life sings out that remains in peoples heart after we’ve left .What kind of song is your life singing ? Is it an heartbreak song? Love song? Inspirational song or just noise ? .

I would like us to replay the kind of songs our life has produced in the past or recently this sweet morning and as we go on this week. Try as much as possible to produce a good music today, this week,this year .
If all you have been producing is a bad one well you can as well change to another record label #I recommend the heavenly record label # they have best producers,trainers,directors! Then make a Remix ! …..let the song of your life make an impact positively . The music is about to change !!

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Making Decision!!!

You will all agree with me that decision is a very critical and sensitive role in human life . Decisions can sometimes mare you or make you. it all balls down to how we’ll and fast you can make one .

Making decisions are times could be very difficult especially when you have to make decisions that are based on personal feelings . .hun hun lots of people know what am talking about. everybody has been there at one point or the other .

In the process of making decision ,some make biased. one while some make a very good one in it. but some people actually don’t care which decision is bad or not, to them decision is decision! . The fact is the decisions you make can change your life for better or worse , its time we change our attitude towards decision making and start taking it serious .
Some people can actually give testimony on how their decision has either broken them or added value to them . Many of us enjoy it when friends or families make decisions in a very critical aspect of our life we have forgotten that if the result of that decision ends up been bad you’re “On your Own ” they would end up calling you a failure !

The only person permitted to play a role in final 100% of your decision making is God! . He is the one who gives the spirit of insight and wisdom to make a good decision ! So this morning I will leave us to think about the wrong decisions we’ve made to tell God to help us right it and for the decision you’re about to make invite him to help you make it ! Cos he is the beginning and end of knowledge !!

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So its been a very, ….what’s the word now very busy week For my loud thought. Thanks to everyone! so far so good its been God! Happy New Month!!!

Shout out!! to everyone out there .especially those who fought one way or the other for freedom and got it ….its the week of freedom so all am gonna be talking about today is freedom. Now am not talking about freedom that leads to trouble No.! Am talking about a good kinda Freedom that brings you joy and a feeling of accomplishment !

To all who were once tied down against their will either at work ,home,career,goals,dreams,relationship or perhaps you tied your self down with so much worry and hate, but one way or the other you got back on your feet and fought for your own freedom. Congratulation !! .now that you have that freedom don’t misuse it ,don’t abuse it ,don’t joke with it and always to a sanity check on it so when you going the wrong way you tap your self saying hey don’t lose it !!!

And for those who are still fighting to be free one way or the other, especially from their fears and worries. All you have to do is believe in God for your freedom and believe in your self . Don’t ever be discouraged remember *The journey a thousand mile starts with a step* .

Meanwhile Don’t forget if you’re not careful freedom could turn to symptom. *thats deep*. But to prevent that, all you have to do is ask for wisdom from God to be your own good leader . Because independence starts from us we alone can make ourselves free of those doubt ,fears,worries,problems not by our power but by Gods!! . GOD BLESS NIGERIA !!! GOD BLESS YOU!!
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