So its been a very, ….what’s the word now very busy week For my loud thought. Thanks to everyone! so far so good its been God! Happy New Month!!!

Shout out!! to everyone out there .especially those who fought one way or the other for freedom and got it ….its the week of freedom so all am gonna be talking about today is freedom. Now am not talking about freedom that leads to trouble No.! Am talking about a good kinda Freedom that brings you joy and a feeling of accomplishment !

To all who were once tied down against their will either at work ,home,career,goals,dreams,relationship or perhaps you tied your self down with so much worry and hate, but one way or the other you got back on your feet and fought for your own freedom. Congratulation !! .now that you have that freedom don’t misuse it ,don’t abuse it ,don’t joke with it and always to a sanity check on it so when you going the wrong way you tap your self saying hey don’t lose it !!!

And for those who are still fighting to be free one way or the other, especially from their fears and worries. All you have to do is believe in God for your freedom and believe in your self . Don’t ever be discouraged remember *The journey a thousand mile starts with a step* .

Meanwhile Don’t forget if you’re not careful freedom could turn to symptom. *thats deep*. But to prevent that, all you have to do is ask for wisdom from God to be your own good leader . Because independence starts from us we alone can make ourselves free of those doubt ,fears,worries,problems not by our power but by Gods!! . GOD BLESS NIGERIA !!! GOD BLESS YOU!!
My loudthought with jemima

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