Making Decision!!!

You will all agree with me that decision is a very critical and sensitive role in human life . Decisions can sometimes mare you or make you. it all balls down to how we’ll and fast you can make one .

Making decisions are times could be very difficult especially when you have to make decisions that are based on personal feelings . .hun hun lots of people know what am talking about. everybody has been there at one point or the other .

In the process of making decision ,some make biased. one while some make a very good one in it. but some people actually don’t care which decision is bad or not, to them decision is decision! . The fact is the decisions you make can change your life for better or worse , its time we change our attitude towards decision making and start taking it serious .
Some people can actually give testimony on how their decision has either broken them or added value to them . Many of us enjoy it when friends or families make decisions in a very critical aspect of our life we have forgotten that if the result of that decision ends up been bad you’re “On your Own ” they would end up calling you a failure !

The only person permitted to play a role in final 100% of your decision making is God! . He is the one who gives the spirit of insight and wisdom to make a good decision ! So this morning I will leave us to think about the wrong decisions we’ve made to tell God to help us right it and for the decision you’re about to make invite him to help you make it ! Cos he is the beginning and end of knowledge !!

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