Our life! Our Song!

Our life! ,Our Song !
Right now I wouldn’t say the music my life is playing is perfect but I can tell you its the kind. that is pleasant to the ear and not noise . Yea you wondering *life and music*? let me get to the root.
You see, music according to my lovely old dictionary is An aesthetically pleasing or harmonious sound or combination of sounds GBAM!!. Now let’s assume all we do everyday of our life and all we are meant to be are been recorded as songs . Imagine the kind of tone yours would be.

Try and picture if your own song would be noise or a sweet music to the hear. Imagine if your song would be the one that deserves the grammy of life or the one that wouldn’t even make it to the top one million music chart of life !. You see everything we do is like a song. Your life has been giving to you it is left to you to write a good song out of it .

Come to think of it now, If you’ve been living a good life definitely the reward of the good life will be the song it sings . And if you’ve been living a bitter life Imaging the lyrics of a sad song Now how does that feel ? When people listen to the music of your life does it make them cry or laugh? Does it change life or destroys it ?

Let’s try as much as possible to live a life that sings great music. Not for us alone, but for people around us and the generations to come . Its the music our life sings out that remains in peoples heart after we’ve left .What kind of song is your life singing ? Is it an heartbreak song? Love song? Inspirational song or just noise ? .

I would like us to replay the kind of songs our life has produced in the past or recently this sweet morning and as we go on this week. Try as much as possible to produce a good music today, this week,this year .
If all you have been producing is a bad one well you can as well change to another record label #I recommend the heavenly record label # they have best producers,trainers,directors! Then make a Remix ! …..let the song of your life make an impact positively . The music is about to change !!

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