My Experience! My Teacher!

My Experience !!My Teacher !!

Wow! celebrating my independence from hurt,pain and deception above all a one sided kind of love .The best gift I ever got is the gift of freedom and I hope after reading this you will get yours too. Enjoy !

Once upon a time, when I use to see people who one way or the other was disappointed as “weak”. I always said to myself why? how? Would you allow people hurt you so much with fake promises? why they made people raise their hopes so high and at the end let them down? little did I know it was never something they wished for. I didn’t have a clue all they saw from the beginning was hope. Until they realized how temporary or fake it was!.

Not until few years ago I actually had to learn my own lesson too the hard way .this is a personal experience out of hundreds I would love to share with myloudthought readers . I would not only love you to read but would love people to learn from my own experience .


Once upon a time when I always thought my happiness could only be found in people ,their love ,friendship or words . I got use to finding comfort in human love and all . In a relationship where I was ready to sacrifice my own happiness thinking it doesn’t matter if two persons could share the happiness of one person .when I so much held on to peoples words and promises that ended up hurting me when they failed. leaving me with nothing but tears and blames for myself for been so stupid to have believed people .

“I trusted people so much that I stopped trusting my self” if you know what I mean. I put all my happiness in fellow human being like me. forgetting that after all they all humans who can change at any time without anyone asking why ?.

Then one day, I trusted so much in the words of the mouth that I got too carried away to realize it wasn’t a word from God which is sure to come to pass .Then it happened again!. I was let down one more time! I was so heart broken and angry again. but this time around not at the person but at my self for allowing my *stupidity * to rule over me .

Little did I know that God wanted to teach me a lesson

How I learned my lesson.

After my so called final heartbreak I told my self this was going to be the last time I would feel this stupid . I went on my kneels cried and cried then went back to the foundation *God* which I neglected in my unconsciousness .I spoke to him as a daughter would speak to a mother after all he is our all in all. .

Then he sat me down, and asked me why I left my first love alone to search for a love that couldn’t do without the first love? I kept asking myself who my first love was ? had a particular name in my head. but I could feel my father *God* smiling at my childish thought.

He whispered to me I am your first love .before anyone knew you I did! I formed you, I know what human don’t know about you. I know what makes you weak and makes you strong .
He told me all I had to do was trust and believe him! .

He told me in him I would find promises that would be fulfilled. In him I would find eternal joy! in him I would find everlasting love and in him is my peace of mind !. There and then I realized I had been looking at the wrong places for happiness. All I needed to do was look into just one place and all the rest will be completed .

Then I looked up to the sky and I told my first love how sorry I was. I could feel him hugging me and whispering to me in that breeze that all will be fine. All he just wants from me is to love him first and every other thing will fall into place. Then I realized all that you have is yourself and God in it !.

I had the best teacher of all .My Experience !

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3 thoughts on “My Experience! My Teacher!”

  1. Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the quickest way to be sad.
    Experience is the hardest teacher of all, First she gives you the test then she give you the lesson.
    Well told story God Bless.. 🙂


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