No pain! No gain !

No Pain! No Gain !

Yea we’ve all heard it before, we’ve all said it before. The question is what does it mean to you ?

Now follow me on the roller coaster of my thought *smiles* now. Yea some people be like PAIN?.

Majority of us will agree with me when I say in the world of gain there is always a price to pay. Good! Now that is the pain we talking about its not the kind of pain that brings blood No! its the kind that requires focus,commitment,sacrifice,grace and consistency .

Wait a minute! I hear some Bible scholars saying jemima what do you mean? we are heirs of the kingdom so we get anything we want of course! even the devil would never disagree but remember, even before you became heir to his kingdom, you attended a school of salvation where you were thought, the do’s and don’t of the kingdom.

Now that is where the pain which is the hard work comes in. You will also agree with me that some things were not so easy to stop but by his grace .
Now that we all know what “gain and pain” means in this contest .

Let’s incorporate it into our daily life yea this is it.
If you’ve been working and you’re wondering why there is no fulfillment in it lemme ask you a question, are you putting all your effort into the work or you’re nonchalant about it? because what you can’t picture you can’t feature in it !.

Now in your relationship, has there been lots of problem? ask your self have you both invested in each other. love wise? Mentally?spiritually? Do you value for each other ? Because sincerely its only what you plant and nurture that’s grows!

Now you’re neglected by families and friends and you’re wondering why the title of your life is “no one cares” you also need to ask your self have I really been there for them when they needed me too? if no then you need to retrace your steps.

The truth is we all love to sit down in the “too comfort zone” and still expect the extra ordinary reward of hard work. we can’t just expect things to find their way to us we have to make a move to and then God blesses us with lots of goody bags with gain in it !

Oh how I wish I could go on and on but you know your girl gotta go make impact in the lives of small kids lol remember “To get the gain, You have to work for it !

Make sure you don’t get meat tipsy! Do have a nice holiday.
My loudthought with jemima

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