Silent Treatment ? Oh No!

Silent Treatment ? Oh No !!

God knows the kind of punishment I actually dread most in my life is the silent treatment .oh lord I hate it *in Madeas voice * I could take a million strokes of Cain but silent for a second is what gets under my skin .

One thing I noticed people enjoy doing once there is conflict is silent treatment. Most especially in friendship or a relationship between a man and a woman. while some people actually think that’s the best weapon of correction I would gladly tell you its the best and most common weapon of mass destruction in a relationship! worse than nuclear weapon I tell you !.

Show me a relationship where silent treatment is their hobby and I will tell you its heading for the rock .oh believe me I have been there its been practiced on me before and I have practiced on some people too (never again tho !). Well my own definition of silent treatment is “what you are saying by not saying anything ”

Its an act of withdrawal,its a manipulative way of gaining control. really, what better way can somone gain control when communication is shut down? if you ask me that’s it !.

When you do silent treatment you’re causing physical pain on the person .simply by ignoring someone’s existence you cause them more harm than good *Now who does that ?

What we don’t know is silent treatment brings bitterness on both side. unconsciously we give in to bitterness causing emotional turmoil “Awww I can imagine ”

And pls don’t even tell me “jemima is a way to cool off your anger ” No ! Its not. Cooling off is a different thing entirely. silent treatment is way of been dominant over a person. its when you doing something to get back at the other person and you let them know .The fact is you care less who wins .

While you’re on your silent treatment adventure the other person is feeling a sense of loss ,unworthiness or low self esteem ,believe me I have been there and to make someone feel that way is nothing but cruel .

When someone gets you angry,let the person know . speak your mind out and don’t bring silent treatment to the table all in the name of I want peace to reign or you don’t want the other person to get angry. What’s a good relationship without the ups and downs anyways .

Please if silent treatment is your thing Pls stop! Its no best way to handle a situation .the only thing it does is destroy good and promising relationship be it friendship or any other ship. If you’re wrong apologize and move on if you’re right then call the other persons attention to the wrong with love. Then everyone can move on .


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