Money! A dangerous friend.


Screech !!! and Gbam! was the sound that echoed in my head that moment, I couldn’t stop thanking God for protection, at the same time asking him to help us all get to our different destination. But wait a minute what would have caused the accident ? Then my head started screaming Money ! Money ! Money !. I wish i was able to see into the 30mins of that journey I would have judiciously ran for my dear life! I remember the driver kept lamenting even after entering the car. I couldn’t fathom all he was lamenting about until we were like 10mins into the journey. There was this guy who got into the taxi last ,while we were on the road he told the driver he had to get down, he forgot something,ofcourse he wasn’t going to pay the whole charge. The journey had not even started yet, then the driver kept saying it was not possible, because he already had a plan on the total amount he would realize from all passengers. Mehn! it took heaven and earth a session before the driver agreed to stop for the guy .

We continued our journey, unfortunately I was sitting beside the driver and all I saw him doing was banging the stirring wheel and soliloquizing bitterly on how the passenger that got down made him loose money blablabla. He couldn’t even concentrate on the road, he was overtaking heavy trucks and swaying to the wrong lane. All the passengers started begging him to pls take it easy, he shot back and said we don’t seem to realize he has lost #150 because of the guy that alighted. I couldn’t believe my ears,coupled with the fact that I was sweating and calling the host of angels to help us get to our various destinations safely.

This Man didn’t stop banging on the wheels,lamenting,overtaking until I heard Gbam!! He had hit another car that was gently parked by the tail light. All I could say was “Jesus take the wheel”. well thank God no one was hurt and we all got back inside to continue the journey. Few minutes later a passenger got down and I was almost shouting congrat to him for safe journey! at least he was off the hook.

What kept ringing in my head was this guy could have killed us all because of money! money!! money !!!

Don’t get me wrong, am not saying money isn’t good, but at the same time the bible calls money the root of evil! Now some money lovers be like what ? Yes that’s the truth. You see that money we see can destroy a nation. Money been the root of all evil doesn’t mean evil is a plant agricultural then money is the stem NO! it means behind every bad thing that happens money is always a factor in it. Now for example imagine the experience I had, the evil would have been if we all got hurt and the cause would have been money .

The bible tells us to pay our tithe and no devourers shall visit us. Now imagine If you don’t pay your tithe, then you would be a candidate for devourers visit. what could bring about those things? Money! you see why its the root of all evil. Another thing we ought to know about money is its also a root of blessing. the bible talks about bringing your tithe and offering into the house of God and windows of heaven will be opened upon you, now imagine that kind of blessing you can get with money .

You see everyone needs money, but always make sure your reasons for needing money is a good one .

Money as we should know is a spirit and also a visitor yea someone is like jemima how? Now this is how, money is a spirit because its intangible and invisible, it can create serious effects in peoples life both its presence and its absence. Now you see why its a spirit, that’s why you have to control that spirit of money and don’t let it control you! once you allow money control you it can be very dangerous I mean very !. Now another thing about money that you should take note of is, money is a visitor. it comes and goes, its not permanent it doesn’t stay with you forever.

One thing to know about a visitor is, the kind of reception you give them when they come to visit matters ,when you treat then well they will always want to come back. now that is money. If you treat money well by not abusing it, using it for wrong purposes rather you invest it ,and giving it out most especially to the poor it would always want to come to us.

Wish I could go on and on, but you know I have to go. Always have this at the back of your mind, that money could be a root for evil or good depending on how well we handle it ! He who loves money would not be satisfied with money. Most importantly you can’t serve two masters God and Money ! You have to choose one,but my advice to you is choose God and every other thing will be added!

Do have a blessed week!
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