This has got to stop !!!

Whew ! First of all, Happy new month shout out to My Loud Thought Readers
(MLTR). You’ve been so wonderful these past three months with over 1000 views, it can only be God and of course, you! Thank you so much. This month will be a month of restoration for me and you (Amen).

Now I was reading a blog and I came across a post that brought tears to my eyes. I know most of us heard about the 8-year old girl who was raped to death by a 14-year old boy. Oh yeah, that look on your face was the same look I had on my face too. I really can’t go into details of the sad story here, but the story and the picture of the dead girl can’t stop coming to my head. The questions I keep asking myself are; what prompted it? What happened to the soul of that little boy? The first time it happened to that girl (because I heard that was the fourth time it was happening), what would she have felt deep down her soul? How did the boy learn to do such an evil thing? When? . . . Where? . . . Why? . . . and many more unanswered questions pop up.

Then it struck me! you see, until we stop playing songs like *shake your booty, touch you blah blah blah*, we should expect more of this evil act from these children. I am not saying that such songs are the only cause, but believe me,
this noise we call songs are also an essential ingredient for the evil act.

Hey, what we’ve failed to understand is the rate at which these children are growing mentally these days with technology and the whole “Jet Age” of a thing.

When kids hear something, it keeps playing in their heads, then they become
curious about it, the next thing is that they want to know how the thing is done and what happens when it’s done. This is how the mind of a child operates.

Another thing is what they see or watch on the TV and all. Our society is so infiltrated with evil that we term it “civilization”. We allow our children to watch any TV show they want to watch, we allow them go anywhere they want to go, not considering the psychological effect it could have on them. I remember very well when I was little, the only cartoon I was allowed to watch was Aladdin, and its likes. My favorite TV show was wrestling but I couldn’t watch it. I remember there were some channels which my parents would use parental guidance lock on because we were too young to understand what was going on. But these days, parents go out and buy very bad movies in the name of entertainment for their children, not knowing they are handing them over to destruction.

I also need to talk about the kind of friends these children keep. Some parents would say their children like having older friends . . . FOR WHAT?! Please what are they learning from them, have you ever questioned that? What do these “older friends” talk about in the kids’ presence, have you ever thought about that? What do they feed their brains with? What examples are they setting for the kids? It’s time to think about all these.

The bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Training is not all about beating, it’s about monitoring them, talking & listening to them to know what they are going through. Yes! some parents will say they are too busy so they fill the house with maids, either male or female, or even both. Do you have an idea what they do to your children when left in their care? No!!

When you get home from your busy schedule check on them, ask them how their day was, ask them what happened in
school. Many parents would be shocked with what they would hear.

Please it is time we took these responsibilities seriously. God did not give these children to you because there wasn’t enough space in heaven, NO!!!
He gave them to you so that you can take care of them and train them in God’s ways to fulfil purpose.

Sometimes I wish some parents could actually look into their children’s eyes or open their heads (figuratively, abeg) to see the massive thoughts rumbling inside there. Please let’s stop this while we can. One thing I’m certain about is, however their futures turn out to be, it’s either you get an invitation letter into it or you get a rejection letter from it!

If your child is going through any negative experience, please don’t cover it up all in the name of “protecting the family name”!

Also, let’s pray for them always because the bible says “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Let us correct them and stop saying he/she is the only child, I don’t want to deprive him/her of anything at all. If you don’t correct them now that they are kids,
when would you have the chance to, when
they are married?

I wish I could go on and on but I have to run now. May the soul of this innocent girl find peace in God!!!! *crying* Amen.

Do have a blessed week.

My Loud Thought with Jemima.


2 thoughts on “This has got to stop !!!”

  1. Couldn’t block out Asa’s Fire on the mountain while I was reading this. We aren’t running or making efforts to put it off, we’re just watching idly and hiding behind the one finger of civilisation, to our detriment.

    To all parents: Be a good one and shield your children from “shake your booty” and “give it to me” kinda songs and videos. Filter what they’re exposed to and
    monitor their moves.

    In Jemima’s word “…parents (should)
    actually look into their children’s eyes or
    open their heads (figuratively, abeg) to see the
    massive thoughts rumbling inside there.”

    May her soul find peace.

    Nice piece Jemima.


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