This has got to stop!!! (Part 2)

This has got to stop!!! (Part 2)

Last time on My Loud Thought we read about what children are going through that we possibly don’t have an idea about as parents or guardians, and on this second part of “This has got to stop!!!”, we will be dealing with what we can do to help them.

Don’t ask me why it’s all about children these days, I was once a little child who couldn’t speak for herself. Yes, I was oppressed while I was growing up, *sighs* I can remember how I would cry to my mum and she kept on telling me that I am strong and I should always remember that No one is better than me because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Although the oppression got tougher as I grew, but my mum’s words kept me going -and it still does today. Then I didn’t know God the way I know him now but I was taught how to pray. So I would go down on my knees and pray to God to make me stronger and better, and yes he did.
I look back at those years now and thank God because it was a learning process for me and a blessing in disguise.

Why am I saying this? I’m saying it because most parents have chosen to feed their children with words that could destroy them rather than elevate them. It hurts me so much when I hear some parents speak negatively into the lives of their children. I have said it before and will say it again that the words we speak are like a plant that grows as the days go by.

So when you speak negatively into your children’s lives you sow a seed of low self-esteem, bitterness and above all, rejection. You make them feel that if their parents can’t see anything good in them then an outsider shouldn’t, which is not meant to be. We need to start professing good things to our children even when they get you so angry. Your thoughts toward them should be loving thoughts that can bring about upliftment in their lives.

Another thing we need to do for them is to keep them busy. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…YES!!! When they are on holidays enrol them into good tutorial classes, which could be academic or non-academic like music lessons, ballet lessons, and other sports activities. Even educative camping is not a bad idea. Give it a try and you will be surprised at its unlimited benefits.

The minds of adults too, if left idle, are attacked by sinful thoughts and before we know it we start plotting evil. Keep the kids occupied with good activities. Get them inspirational books to read. Tell them stories about children who are making positive impact. Ask them what their dreams are, I mean, what they would like to become and enquire about how they intend to achieve it. By doing this, you keep their minds occupied with good objectives and ideas.

Finally we need to listen to them. Become their best friends and confidants. Our children need our attention and care toward their feelings. Harshness is definitely not the solution to it. Listen about their fears, dreams, concerns, ambitions, etc. Know what their favorite things are, monitor them and carry out assessments on them with story writings, or they could list the things they learned during the previous week. Ask them to tell you what happens in class and who their best friend is.

That brings me to the most important point which is to try as much as possible to know their friends. “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.” Have a good knowledge of their friend’s background.

All these things are important and go a long way in their lives. Don’t be a parent who scares children off. Don’t let them see you has the person with two horns on the head. We are meant to guide them and not scare them. And above all, pray for God’s discernment and wisdom to train them right and bring the best out of them.
If we do all these things, I believe our children will grow to become great leaders who will make great impacts in their generation.
God bless you!

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