So its true !

So it’s true!

Sitting by my window with a cup of hot soya drink, I could feel the rush of dry wind. I watched the leaves fall from their branches. I saw people wrapped up in their heavy coats, trying to get warm and I asked myself what was happening. Then, it hit me – Harmattan season! SO IT’S TRUE! The year 2013 is almost over.

I could remember the first day of the year when someone asked me what my new year resolution was. I was so excited to list all the plans I had for the year. I felt so confident and optimistic. But today, as the clock ticked aloud to remind me of how time flies, I asked myself if I was able to achieve all my year’s objectives. How did the time ever pass without me noticing?

Those who feel that they have under-achieved tell themselves, “this year is gone. I will complete next year’s objectives.” But, wait a minute, we are just in November. We still have more than forty days left to accomplish whatever we wish to. Please, don’t give up on it yet! It is only November, it’s not over! Get back to work on your abandoned projects. Above all, make God the leader and member of your team. You have tried the solo work enough already.

Some didn’t even set any goals nor make any resolutions, but have rolled with the year as it goes. There’s still more than a month for you to set a few great goals and achieve them. Think about what you want in your life, talk to God to work with you, then you start working towards it from that moment, NOW.

To all those who completed every objective set for this year, a big congratulations to you. But remember to show maximum gratitude to God for the grace to achieve your goals.

I rest my case here. I wish you enjoy this harmattan season as much as I do (smiles).
And Yes its true! It’s November! And it’s 2013 coming to a close!

Happy birthday to all November born.
Best love.

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