Goodbye to a True soldier

Goodbye to a true soldier…

Have you ever tried to make a phone call to someone, only to remember that the person no longer lives in this our world?

Yesterday I lost an angel, a friend whose smile could brighten up any dark mood. Her voice could penetrate deep down into the core of your heart. She was as cool as the evening breeze by the sea. An epitome of beauty.

Although, the ailment took you away, but that smile was something you never gave up. Blessed with a very brave spirit and a rock-hard faith, you would look into people’s eyes and tell them everything would be fine – optimistic to your last breath.

How else can I describe a soul that was so patient and kind? Your words were like a soothing balm to many hearts.

When I saw you in my sleep, you told me that you were strong now and I should look at you. I didn’t know what you meant was that your soul has finally found peace by God’s bosom. Now I know the source of your new strength and joy. So sad to lose such a valuable jewel on earth. But it’s relieving to know that Heaven gains at my loss.

Oluwakemi – a woman of great courage. Oh yes! What a terrific chorister you were! Words can’t express who you were, or how hard you worked. But I know you are with the best choir now, singing halleluyah. I know you fought the good fight of faith while you were here, but God has a better plan for you – a rest at home with Him.

Your death opened my mind to the realization that this world is just like a market. When we return home, what will our Father say?

Oluwakemi, I love you and I miss you so much, but God loves and needs you more. I know you’re in a better place now, a place where joy cometh not only in the morning anymore, but at all times and seasons.

REST IN PEACE my darling friend, and all the souls that have gone home to rest. You will forever be in our hearts!

MyLoudThought with Jemima


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