Stop saying who cares

    Stop saying who cares!!!

Long time ago, whenever I wanted to go out, I would just pick anything I could lay my hands on and off I went. My friends would try to talk or mock me out of my fashion insanity. “Pls don’t wear that!” “You look perfect for the opposite of this occasion” “hey, that outfit is a No-No.” But my reply, as always, was, WHO CARES?!

You really don’t want to know about the embarrassment that transformed my attitude.

Dress how you want to be addressed. The effect of our dressing is quite powerful. Whether fair or unfair, people judge us by the way we look, and that includes our dressing. It’s amazing how the way you dress can also affect you. Notice how your self-confidence level rises anytime you receive compliments on your outfits? Yes, the same way you feel embarrassed when disapproving eyes stare at your outfit too.

Some ladies complain that they seem to be attracting the wrong guys. The truth is, very often, the “wrong guys” to you are just the right guys to get attracted by your Wrong Dressing. Picture yourself in a corporate attire. Okay, now picture yourself in a stripper’s dress. Guess who meets the good guy’s parents.
Try changing your style and see how it goes. We need to realize that our dressings greatly determine who gets attracted to us, and also, their manners of approach.

Imagine someone very intelligent, going for an interview in “Iro and buba” . . . Hilarious, right?

Let your dress fit the occasion. Ensure your outfit style is not over-the-top, or below acceptable. Why dress like it’s a funeral service when you are actually going on a date? How could you put on a wedding dress for an interview?!

What would come to mind if you see a man wearing a pink hat, a green suit with a pair of brown trousers and yellow shoes – a Pimp wannabe, right.
A person with good fashion sense knows the right colour combinations. Some guys get totally ignored by ladies even before they could say Hi. Let’s face it, which lady of real class would like to be seen with a guy who is dressed in multiple abstract colours, looking like the face of a Clown?

Your closet must not be filled with designer clothes. You don’t need $1million for shopping before you can dress well. No!!

Wear what you have, but in a trendy way. Combine the right colours. Oversized outfits were cool in the 1990s, not now. Never wear whatever would expose your underwear. Only the comic hero, SuperMan, has the right to flaunt his underwear to the public. Dress right for the occasion. Wear what makes you feel very comfortable, yet classy. Also, smell nice. This is called PACKAGING!!!

Stop the attitude of “who cares” and dress Good. Above all, dress to Glorify God!!!
I rest my case!

My Loud Thought


7 thoughts on “Stop saying who cares”

  1. Seriously I usually don’t read it but I just did and its POWERFUL I just learned something that I dint learn in school. Tobi Your a blessing.

    Power full of words from a Powerful woman



  2. Whao! Daughter dats quite a masterpiece!! Yeah. you will be surely addressed by the way u are dressed. Thumbs up tobi. More annointing. hugs.


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