Who was wrong?

Where did I go wrong? Was it even my fault? A part of me strongly feels that it wasn’t my fault, but, maybe I’m just trying to justify myself. On the other hand, maybe I’m taking this too personal, or am I not?

My mum and I went to a frozen food store to get some sea food. When we entered into the store, I thought my mum was the C.E.O. of the store. The reception she received from the workers was awesome. Everyone was trying to go out of their way to keep her extra comfortable. I guess her interesting personality did the trick – as always. *shrugs*

A young man made a very funny statement that made everyone, including myself – despite the hunger-inspired hit song that my tummy was singing – to laugh. But a cashier at the counter wore a very serious face. I was wondering what could be wrong with her when my mum asked me to pick what I wanted. Well, since I love samosa I hurriedly picked that.

We both got to the counter and had to pay our bills to the uncheerful lady. We gave her three notes of 1,000 Naira and waited to collect our change. The cashier’s first words to us were totally unexpected; “I don’t have change, so you could either just sit around somewhere until I can get your change, or you can drop what you picked and leave.” Now if, as her employer, I saw her treat a customer the way she treated my mum and I, I would have saved her the stress of walking out of my organisation – she would be THROWN out! What a very bad customer service.

I turned to look at my mum, my mother stared back quietly. I looked at the rude lady again and said, “aunt, please help us get it. We are the customers.” The lady retorted, “tell your friend to go and look for 50 Naira. I don’t have change.” Did she just refer to my mum in that manner? This got me angry. Nobody disrespects my MAMA! I looked at her angrily and told her that she was very rude and that she had no right to address my mum the way she did. My mum calmly gave me a signal to keep quiet which I did and walked away.

Before I could take a seat, the lady pulled out a belt and threatened to beat me. Astonished, I had to laugh at that. My mum unleashed her tongue lashing prowess on the now, red-faced lady. Everyone around pleaded with my mum to pardon her. I packed the goods that we bought after my mum eventually decided to leave the change and walked out into the car park. Just as I was about leaving, the lady came up to me, pointing her finger, telling me how lucky I was to be saved from receiving the beating of my life that afternoon.

That comment was intended to get me raged. Instead, with a relaxed attitude, I advised the cashier to quit being stupid and get on with her job. With that, I walked out of the store.

But on our way home I kept thinking; why did this happen? who was at fault? should we have just sat aside as the cashier rudely told my mum to? Did the small physiques of myself and my mum make the lady think that we were actually kids? Did I or my mum handle the situation in a wrong manner? If so, where did we go wrong?
Perhaps, after reading this, you will help me solve this puzzle.



3 thoughts on “Who was wrong?”

  1. *clears throat* d cashier was rude but den u could have sat, maybe, it’s the company’s policy *smiling* , to see her next response and to justify ur own outrage afterwards….

    First to comment!!!


  2. To ignore (as much as possible) and to defuse a “tense” situation is always the best to do. It’s obvious this lady is frustrated with her own life. So much so, she lashes out at every opportunity. This is the type of person one must pray for. We don’t know what may have happened in her life for her to become this way. Pray she “sees the light” and accepts God’s love and guidance.. and adopts a more civil life-style.


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