A Happier New Year

Yay!!! I missed my readers so much that I had to write one more article before we step into the new year. *hugs* *hugs* *hugs*

The Christmas season was amazing. I went to some events and reunions, it was a nice experience. I had a splendid time with family and friends. I got to see the good, the bad and the ugly sides of different people. During the “catching up” with friends, I asked how this year had been for them. From the responses, I knew that while some friends felt fulfilled, some didn’t feel very happy about their achievements this year, and some replied, “well, it was just there.” Hmm… I can say that I had my share of it too. Going into the year 2013, I made a list of things I hoped to accomplish before the very last day of the year. Although, I did not reach the hundred percent target, but I scored above average – and I am very grateful to God.

I know there are some people who feel that they haven’t really done anything this year, and for that reason, they are not enthusiastic about forthcoming year. However, you ought not to feel like nothing was achieved. The fact that you made it through to the next year is enough reason to put on a bright face. The bible tells us, “Anyone who is among the living has hope—even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!” Now that is the number one factor that should keep you thanking God. You may be yet to pay some of your bills, some needs aren’t met yet, but don’t worry, God has not forgotten you. In fact, God has plans for you, you just have to be sensitive enough not to miss it.

Have you ever wondered why some of your wishes never came true? I bet you have. Remember, God always has a better plan and that wish of yours, probably, was in its way, therefore your wish was pushed to the side. Our ways are not God’s ways. If it was good enough for you -at that moment- then it would have come to you. But the fact that you don’t have what you so much desired doesn’t mean that it is over. No, it’s not. Don’t forget the word of God that says, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” Oh dear friend, don’t give up on God yet! Don’t be disappointed that all your strife has been futile. God still has you in mind!

Now this is what we all need to do. Write down a fresh list of goals that you want to accomplish before the end of the forthcoming year. Also, write down the objectives that you couldn’t finish this year. Pray to God for the Grace to complete every old and new tasks on your list -and in due time. Then sit down and try to figure out what wrong steps you took in previous times (weakness in prayers, bad attitude, procrastination, poor strategies, wrong friends, over-confidence, etc). Eliminate every irrelevant activity and maintain a balance with the worthwhile activities. To be effective, you need to know how to manage TIME. There is no perfect time to start. The best time is NOW! All you need to fulfill every objective on your list is around you. What you need now is divine direction and guidance. Your mission is to get all the work done!

I see great ideas coming our way. I see great opportunities! I see open doors that no one can shut! I see goodness and mercy following us!… Okay, I wouldn’t want to sound like a pastor, but I believe that as long as we stick to this plan, then all our new years will always be amazing years.

Remember, the fact that you’re alive. God deserves your total gratitude, don’t hold it back! Thank God for His finger in your life if you want Him to show you His hand.
On this note, I wish us a greater new year in advance. I say thank you and I love you so much.



From Jemima with Love

WOW!!! It has been a very wonderful year for me, thanks to God and to you. You all made it an amazing one, and did I tell you that today is my birthday? YES, its true! I just can’t thank God enough for how far He has brought me, little Jemima.

I must testify that God has at all times, blessed me with countless reasons to smile: wonderful parents, a great & unique brother, very sweet friends, extremely inspiring teachers, and yes, a very super, special editor and friend who keeps pushing me forward into greater success – love you mucho!!! I’m greatly blessed with highly motivating & lovely readers, on my blog and beyond. Most importantly, I’ve been blessed with the privilege to touch lives through this blog.

Whenever I read the emails I receive, the blog comments, or receive phone calls and listen to people who thank me for writing about this or that on my blog, or tell me how an article of mine improved lives, relationships & even marriages, I feel deeply grateful to God for seeing past my imperfections and using me for His own purpose. What more can I ask for?! God’s grace is sufficient.

These twelve months have been an amazing ride through powerful experiences. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everybody who aided in constructing this pleasantly memorable year: people who showed me love through good words and actions, and those that broke my heart *sticks out tongue*; those who wished me well, and those that didn’t; those who persevered with me, and those that gave up along the way; those who looked me in the eye to tell me “hey, that’s not right!”; BIG thanks to you all.

Furthermore, I appreciate everyone who has been calling since Monday to wish me a happy birthday. 🙂 So much love!

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance. May this season be a season of happiness in your homes and in all your earnest endeavours! (Can somebody comment with the longest AMEN ever) 😉

Lots Of Love

Dear Teen . . . .

Hey friends, I love this season, you can call me the Xmas girl. Anyway, on my last article I told you that I was excited, but didn’t tell you why. Well, I am excited because…(Drum rolls)… my BIRTHDAY is coming soon, Yay!!! On the 21st of December I will be ** years old. Thank you, thank you….(Winks)

Back to the matter. To all my teen readers, I’m dedicating this letter to you! Enjoy!!

Dear Teens,
I know that life seems so exciting right now, and also, stressful too. You feel your parents/guardians are being over-protective and unnecessarily inquisitive about the Who and Where of your life.

Girls, I guess you feel like you are the center of attraction for the guys, they all want to talk to you and be your friend. You are actually amazed at the physical changes on your body: sometimes you want the whole world to notice how much you have grown, other times you just want to cover it all up. Trust me girls, I have been there!
And for the young boys, now is the time of your life when your voice begins to give you a reason to talk all the time. And of course, we see you staring wishfully at the girls too – we see you. I understand that its your hormones playing tricks on you.

But your parents keep ringing it in your head to face your studies and not get distracted. Somewhere around the world, a teenager is screaming, “Can’t I just enjoy this prime time of my life?!” well sweetheart, they want you to enjoy yourself but they don’t want you to get carried away by the fun of it.

I can’t forget what it means being a teen in high school, when either you are loved or you are bullied – or both. Well, don’t feel so bad. This is the time when your attitude towards people’s actions either mar or make you.

This is the stage where you can develop skills, work on your weaknesses and you maximize the strengths. If you being bullied, don’t hate yourself or do anything rash, you are not the worse thing that ever happened. Don’t give in to them, remain strong. Never regret having a small stature. Remember, big things come in small packages – take Lionel Messi for example.
To the gossip girls, you need to stop spreading rumours before it becomes a habit, a very dirty habit indeed!

Dear teens, this is the most important time of your lives when you build a foundation of growing up to either be a good person or a bad person.

My beautiful teenage girls, here is a piece of advice from the intellectual, music icon, Lauryn Hill, it goes, “girls you know you better watch out, some guys are only about ‘that thing’, that thing….” I know you understand what I’m talking about.

Some of your friends see you as not being cool because you are still holding on to your pride. Pls don’t feel bad for having a great self-esteem. Remember your price is worth more than ruby! And I advice you to always talk to women who live responsibly. Don’t keep all things to yourself, when you share a problem, it gets half solved.

And for my teen boys, irrespective of who your parents are; you are a prince! Always behave as a wise prince should! Never think less of yourself, instead, think like a great king. Remember, silence gives you the valuable time to do what great men do – THINK. Great men don’t fight on the streets nor join bad gangs. Great men study, analyse, gain more knowledge, and enhance their creativity to make the world a better place.

Before I go, I have to let you know that, of all the sources of wisdom known to man, GOD is the ultimate! Get closer to God by studying the Holy Book. Through the help of the Holy spirit, all you have to do is call out to Him and He will direct your path! Make the Holy Book of God your novel and it will give you insight and wisdom. It works for great people and so it will work for you too!

Okay Sweets, I wish I could go on and on but for my editor’s sake. *rolling eyes*

Thanks for reading this and I will be waiting to hear your exciting stories, questions and experience on the blog, or, if you are a shy friend then you can send me a mail: temitobi@rocketmail.com
Always remember, I love you.

Aunt Jemima.

Will You Let Go?

It was a very successful wedding, a great one indeed. The glowing exchange of glances between the husband and wife could actually be mistaken for fireworks. Why? Because it was obvious that the love was for real. Nothing else mattered to them but them. They were a couple to admire. I couldn’t help but silently pray that some day, I too, can look deep into my life partner‘s eyes and feel that much peace. At a point – although, I didn’t cry -tears filled my wishful eyes. Their union is just so awesome.

Sounds so lovey dovey, right? Don’t blame me. Besides, who wouldn’t love to be loved? *hmm*….

I had an interesting conversation with the bride a few days before her wedding, and I couldn’t help but tell her how amazing her relationship seemed. Unlike some other relationships, this one seems so smooth. My holy curiosity eventually got the upper hand and I finally popped the question, “what’s the secret to your wonderful union?” she looked me straight in the eye, and with a smile she replied, “My dear, there’s always peace when you Let Go and let God.” That reply struck me like a thunderbolt. I mean, I was expecting some complex methodology or some daily routine guide – not “Let Go and let God”. From that moment, I decided that my mental & emotional struggles were over. No more WHAT IF? and other questions that usually arise in times of fear and doubt.

To all those who have been struggling with relationships, or with work and finances, or maybe, with your health; you need to let go of the problems in your life and let God take control of everything. All you have to do is invite Him into the case wholeheartedly and the rest is settled.

If you think that its too late, or that this year is over for God to do something overwhelming in your life, then YOU ARE WRONG! Always remember that God created this whole universe – to its own perfection – in an incredibly SIX DAYS. But He won’t help you if you don’t have faith in Him. The question is; ARE YOU READY TO LET GO?


Question of the Day

Phone: Ping! Ping!! Ping!!!

Me: Kilode? (Which means “What is the matter?”)

With a frown, I reached for my mobile phone and saw messages from my dear friend. In a flash, my frown transformed into a smile. I excitedly typed “Hi buddy 🙂 “, but just before I could send it I received another message from him, asking me this question; “what’s your take on a man correcting his wife like a two-year old kid, and that involves spanking in public?” My response was “Never! No! That’s not right!” He told me to keep calm, that he had a story to tell me. He called me later, told me the full story, and from the tone of his voice I knew he was very unhappy.

Here is his story:
“I was about leaving my office when a woman, presumably in her late thirties, rushed into the office looking like she was being chased. I sat back, wondering what was wrong, but as soon as she went into my colleague’s office I remembered she was his wife. Seconds later, I heard loud voices coming from that same office, arguing and apologising. Then, out of the office came my angry colleague, followed by his pleading wife, wailing. The husband ranted, ‘I will beat you! You don’t take corrections.’ and he called her all sort of disapproving names. Their drama eventually got the attention of other colleagues who gathered the scene. When asked what the cause of this temper outbreak was, the husband explained that his wife, who was expected to have picked the children from their school by then was some minutes late. He claimed that he had warned her never to let that happen.”

“People pleaded on the scared wife’s behalf. The wife was even asked to go on her knees and beg her husband. As she was about to kneel, the husband raised his left hand to smack her but was quickly held by a fellow colleague. At this point, everyone who trying to help settle the matter got tired and disappointed and they told him to do whatever he pleased with his wife – then they all left the couple. Well, I had to leave my office too, so I don’t really know how the story ended.”

“So, is this a good way for a man to correct his wife? If not, how would you correct her?”

I will like you to share your views, opinions and your experiences below.

My Loud Thought with Jemima

Time Management Factor

Alex is a friend of mine who believed that wristwatches dictated his life, so he never wore wristwatches. You don’t need to be a genius to know that such a person wouldn’t like instructions either.
Some years ago Alex needed my help, so we fixed a date and time to meet and talk. When the set day came, I got there before him, as expected, and had to wait for 3 hours before he showed up. I was furious at him for blowing up those valuable 3 hours of my life. Also, I was mad at myself for trusting Alex – who disliked time management devices – with my time. I told him that it would be extremely difficult for him to become a real leader unless he changed his attitude. After telling Alex my heart-felt truth, I was shocked to see him get upset at my reaction, he even said that I was mean to him.
Presently, Alex doesn’t only have a great job, but also has 10 different wristwatches. I guess he has been taught by the best teacher – Experience – to be extra time conscious.

Most people rarely keep to time. Some people are never on time for appointments or events simply because they work with “African time”. Without conducting an interview, an employer would know that a candidate who is 3 hours late does not deserve the proposed job.

Many have lost business deals, good relationships and even lives, due to poor management of time. “A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.” -Charles Darwin. As a destined leader, you must have the ability to manage both time and human.

These are 7 Easy Steps to Effective Time Management:

1. Create Your To-Do List: a proper way to start each day (after saying your prayers) is by creating your schedule for the day. Also, set a 5, 10 or 15 minute break which you must stick to. This list keeps your mind focused on important objectives throughout the day.

2. Set and Prioritise Goals: set defined goals for yourself. These goals should be realistic and effective. Some activities may be urgent but not important, stick to the important.

3. Time Out: taking time-outs or breaks help clear the mind and maintain a relaxed state. During this break, you check your To-do list, cross all accomplished objectives, and get ready to complete the rest.

4. Motivate Yourself: reward yourself with something delicious or fun after completing a major task. This provides that refreshing drive that makes you want to efficiently complete the next tasks.

5. No Distractions: discipline yourself not to visit the social media eg Twitter, unless you are there for strictly business. Avoid instant messages like BBM as well. Do not underestimate how much time these unimportant activities eat up.

6. Setting Alarms: set an alarm 10 minutes earlier than your actual wake-up time. I tell you, this little trick is quite effective in time management.

7. Sleep for about 6 Hours to 8 Hours Every Night: this will help keep you strong and sound, help you think clearly and work smart during the day.

“It’s how we spend our time here and now, that really matters. If you are fed up with the way you have come to interact with time, change it.” Time is priceless don’t waste it.

Please share your views and comments below on the blog.

Happy new month to you, friends!