Question of the Day

Phone: Ping! Ping!! Ping!!!

Me: Kilode? (Which means “What is the matter?”)

With a frown, I reached for my mobile phone and saw messages from my dear friend. In a flash, my frown transformed into a smile. I excitedly typed “Hi buddy 🙂 “, but just before I could send it I received another message from him, asking me this question; “what’s your take on a man correcting his wife like a two-year old kid, and that involves spanking in public?” My response was “Never! No! That’s not right!” He told me to keep calm, that he had a story to tell me. He called me later, told me the full story, and from the tone of his voice I knew he was very unhappy.

Here is his story:
“I was about leaving my office when a woman, presumably in her late thirties, rushed into the office looking like she was being chased. I sat back, wondering what was wrong, but as soon as she went into my colleague’s office I remembered she was his wife. Seconds later, I heard loud voices coming from that same office, arguing and apologising. Then, out of the office came my angry colleague, followed by his pleading wife, wailing. The husband ranted, ‘I will beat you! You don’t take corrections.’ and he called her all sort of disapproving names. Their drama eventually got the attention of other colleagues who gathered the scene. When asked what the cause of this temper outbreak was, the husband explained that his wife, who was expected to have picked the children from their school by then was some minutes late. He claimed that he had warned her never to let that happen.”

“People pleaded on the scared wife’s behalf. The wife was even asked to go on her knees and beg her husband. As she was about to kneel, the husband raised his left hand to smack her but was quickly held by a fellow colleague. At this point, everyone who trying to help settle the matter got tired and disappointed and they told him to do whatever he pleased with his wife – then they all left the couple. Well, I had to leave my office too, so I don’t really know how the story ended.”

“So, is this a good way for a man to correct his wife? If not, how would you correct her?”

I will like you to share your views, opinions and your experiences below.

My Loud Thought with Jemima


4 thoughts on “Question of the Day”

  1. It’s an act of gross irresponsibility for a man to hit a lady. (ceteris paribus). Even in public? That’s silly and bad. Where is the place of love and mutual understanding. I just believe alot of things need to be amended especially in relationships. Thanks for this post jemima.


  2. that man…his nothing but a beast….first of all….how would he embarrass the BONE of his BONE in public like that…..not to talk of spanking….am sure nobody in his work environment would dignify him again……errant stupidity…. some men dont know that wives are actually mirror image of who u are…..when the bible says n you shall leave ur fathers house to be ONE with ur wife…..most people dont understand what that one means….


  3. No matter wat we all say,a beast will always be one. D wife apoarently has bin chastised severally by d monster husband she’s got. My prayer is dat all our children will never enter into dis kind of trap in their marriages. Ladies. Open yur eyes. U ar still dating a guy and he has slapped u n ad postrated n apologise n even weptd for bin hot tempered n u ar there saying,he will change. Be ready for worst treatments. It is well. Jemima,more grace.


  4. Toh. Its simple really. A man who beats his wife is a coward and lillie-livered, rain-beaten, sopping-wet, puppy-looking weakling. He is trying to be a star, to show he has power, Ode buruku. And then one day, he will be asking the wife why his children don’t like him. Are the kids blind? If as a single babe, ur guy don raise hand for u and u are still in d relationship, u are a foolish fool and a slave. A man who beats his wife is just a puppy. A man who shouts at his wife in public is a stupid goat. A man who is impatients with his wife and shuts her down sharply is an Idiot.


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