Will You Let Go?

It was a very successful wedding, a great one indeed. The glowing exchange of glances between the husband and wife could actually be mistaken for fireworks. Why? Because it was obvious that the love was for real. Nothing else mattered to them but them. They were a couple to admire. I couldn’t help but silently pray that some day, I too, can look deep into my life partner‘s eyes and feel that much peace. At a point – although, I didn’t cry -tears filled my wishful eyes. Their union is just so awesome.

Sounds so lovey dovey, right? Don’t blame me. Besides, who wouldn’t love to be loved? *hmm*….

I had an interesting conversation with the bride a few days before her wedding, and I couldn’t help but tell her how amazing her relationship seemed. Unlike some other relationships, this one seems so smooth. My holy curiosity eventually got the upper hand and I finally popped the question, “what’s the secret to your wonderful union?” she looked me straight in the eye, and with a smile she replied, “My dear, there’s always peace when you Let Go and let God.” That reply struck me like a thunderbolt. I mean, I was expecting some complex methodology or some daily routine guide – not “Let Go and let God”. From that moment, I decided that my mental & emotional struggles were over. No more WHAT IF? and other questions that usually arise in times of fear and doubt.

To all those who have been struggling with relationships, or with work and finances, or maybe, with your health; you need to let go of the problems in your life and let God take control of everything. All you have to do is invite Him into the case wholeheartedly and the rest is settled.

If you think that its too late, or that this year is over for God to do something overwhelming in your life, then YOU ARE WRONG! Always remember that God created this whole universe – to its own perfection – in an incredibly SIX DAYS. But He won’t help you if you don’t have faith in Him. The question is; ARE YOU READY TO LET GO?



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