Dear Teen . . . .

Hey friends, I love this season, you can call me the Xmas girl. Anyway, on my last article I told you that I was excited, but didn’t tell you why. Well, I am excited because…(Drum rolls)… my BIRTHDAY is coming soon, Yay!!! On the 21st of December I will be ** years old. Thank you, thank you….(Winks)

Back to the matter. To all my teen readers, I’m dedicating this letter to you! Enjoy!!

Dear Teens,
I know that life seems so exciting right now, and also, stressful too. You feel your parents/guardians are being over-protective and unnecessarily inquisitive about the Who and Where of your life.

Girls, I guess you feel like you are the center of attraction for the guys, they all want to talk to you and be your friend. You are actually amazed at the physical changes on your body: sometimes you want the whole world to notice how much you have grown, other times you just want to cover it all up. Trust me girls, I have been there!
And for the young boys, now is the time of your life when your voice begins to give you a reason to talk all the time. And of course, we see you staring wishfully at the girls too – we see you. I understand that its your hormones playing tricks on you.

But your parents keep ringing it in your head to face your studies and not get distracted. Somewhere around the world, a teenager is screaming, “Can’t I just enjoy this prime time of my life?!” well sweetheart, they want you to enjoy yourself but they don’t want you to get carried away by the fun of it.

I can’t forget what it means being a teen in high school, when either you are loved or you are bullied – or both. Well, don’t feel so bad. This is the time when your attitude towards people’s actions either mar or make you.

This is the stage where you can develop skills, work on your weaknesses and you maximize the strengths. If you being bullied, don’t hate yourself or do anything rash, you are not the worse thing that ever happened. Don’t give in to them, remain strong. Never regret having a small stature. Remember, big things come in small packages – take Lionel Messi for example.
To the gossip girls, you need to stop spreading rumours before it becomes a habit, a very dirty habit indeed!

Dear teens, this is the most important time of your lives when you build a foundation of growing up to either be a good person or a bad person.

My beautiful teenage girls, here is a piece of advice from the intellectual, music icon, Lauryn Hill, it goes, “girls you know you better watch out, some guys are only about ‘that thing’, that thing….” I know you understand what I’m talking about.

Some of your friends see you as not being cool because you are still holding on to your pride. Pls don’t feel bad for having a great self-esteem. Remember your price is worth more than ruby! And I advice you to always talk to women who live responsibly. Don’t keep all things to yourself, when you share a problem, it gets half solved.

And for my teen boys, irrespective of who your parents are; you are a prince! Always behave as a wise prince should! Never think less of yourself, instead, think like a great king. Remember, silence gives you the valuable time to do what great men do – THINK. Great men don’t fight on the streets nor join bad gangs. Great men study, analyse, gain more knowledge, and enhance their creativity to make the world a better place.

Before I go, I have to let you know that, of all the sources of wisdom known to man, GOD is the ultimate! Get closer to God by studying the Holy Book. Through the help of the Holy spirit, all you have to do is call out to Him and He will direct your path! Make the Holy Book of God your novel and it will give you insight and wisdom. It works for great people and so it will work for you too!

Okay Sweets, I wish I could go on and on but for my editor’s sake. *rolling eyes*

Thanks for reading this and I will be waiting to hear your exciting stories, questions and experience on the blog, or, if you are a shy friend then you can send me a mail:
Always remember, I love you.

Aunt Jemima.


7 thoughts on “Dear Teen . . . .”

  1. Aunt Jemima, great stuffz you’ve got here. Pls get a page on Facebook, its a larger platform where youths can feed their mind wit positive thoughts. God bless you ma.


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