From Jemima with Love

WOW!!! It has been a very wonderful year for me, thanks to God and to you. You all made it an amazing one, and did I tell you that today is my birthday? YES, its true! I just can’t thank God enough for how far He has brought me, little Jemima.

I must testify that God has at all times, blessed me with countless reasons to smile: wonderful parents, a great & unique brother, very sweet friends, extremely inspiring teachers, and yes, a very super, special editor and friend who keeps pushing me forward into greater success – love you mucho!!! I’m greatly blessed with highly motivating & lovely readers, on my blog and beyond. Most importantly, I’ve been blessed with the privilege to touch lives through this blog.

Whenever I read the emails I receive, the blog comments, or receive phone calls and listen to people who thank me for writing about this or that on my blog, or tell me how an article of mine improved lives, relationships & even marriages, I feel deeply grateful to God for seeing past my imperfections and using me for His own purpose. What more can I ask for?! God’s grace is sufficient.

These twelve months have been an amazing ride through powerful experiences. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everybody who aided in constructing this pleasantly memorable year: people who showed me love through good words and actions, and those that broke my heart *sticks out tongue*; those who wished me well, and those that didn’t; those who persevered with me, and those that gave up along the way; those who looked me in the eye to tell me “hey, that’s not right!”; BIG thanks to you all.

Furthermore, I appreciate everyone who has been calling since Monday to wish me a happy birthday. 🙂 So much love!

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance. May this season be a season of happiness in your homes and in all your earnest endeavours! (Can somebody comment with the longest AMEN ever) 😉

Lots Of Love


5 thoughts on “From Jemima with Love”

  1. “Where arms cannot reach.. A heart sees no distance.
    Thoughts are with you.. My embrace is within” © Carl Rivera
    A most heart-felt “Happy Birthday”, Jemima.
    May God Bless you always.. AMEN..!!


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