Integrity or Foolishness?

“Hmm.. Jemima, something unfortunate happened to James.” Helen told me.

“Who is James?” I asked absent-mindedly.

“That neighbour of mine who became the breadwinner of his family at a very young age due to tragic circumstances.”

“You mean the guy who does low-paid jobs so as to earn enough money for his school fees?” I asked.

“Oh yes, that guy!” Helen replied.

The tone of my friend’s voice made my ears perk up.

“So what happened to James?”

“Three weeks ago”, Helen began, “James went to the bank to check his account balance, and to his surprise found out that a large sum of money was deposited into his account. Since he had no clue who sent the money into his account, he decided to wait for a few days for the depositor to call. Nobody called.

Then James went back to the bank to find out more about the money, and there he got to know that it was a terrible mistake made by one of the tellers whose job was hanging by a thread. They apologized and retrieved the money immediately. James is now back to having a ‘thin’ account.”

After listening to Helen’s story, I asked how that was an unfortunate situation. She replied, “isn’t it unfortunate for a very poor family to have such a daft person in it? James could have taken that money and relocate with his family to an unknown place! They needed that money more than anyone else!”

Some people around us heard our conversation and interjected with their own opinions. While some said that it was foolishness to return such money because that could be God’s way of blessing the family, others said it was the right thing to do, and some said that they would have returned the money only after negotiating with the bank for a compensation. I asked my friend if she would take such money, at the expense of another person. A loud, funny ringtone made us digress from the matter under discussion.

Now I throw these questions to you, dear reader. Do you commend James for his integrity or rebuke him for his foolish deed? What would you do in this situation?

Much love


My Adventure

I was in my room trying to take a nap after completing a big task on my to-do list when my phone rang. I was assigned to a new task: to give a group of adults a cultural dance lesson. First I had to learn the dance before I could teach it. Obviously it wasn’t so easy, but after I cleared my mind of all unconstructive thoughts, and practised for some time, I learnt this dance almost to perfection – and I felt so proud of myself (smiles). So I fixed a date for the dance lessons and I would be anything but truthful if I told you that I wasn’t nervous. In fact I was, not because of the dance but because I was going to teach a group of adults. I have held lectures with adults, but this was dance lessons, quite a new and interesting adventure.

When the day came, I asked God for the patience and skill to communicate with my “students”, then I went for the rehearsal. By the time I got there I almost ran back out of the hall. They were old people, older than the adults I had in mind, and they were not in a smiling mood. I couldn’t guess why. So before we started, I tried to get them to loosen up a bit with an informal introduction. Then I told them how much I believed in them, and that although they weren’t the best at that moment, but by the end of the drill, they would be the best. I kept praying to God to give them a reason to smile because the atmosphere around us was so tense. Few hours into the rehearsals everyone started having fun and within a couple more hours, you would think they danced for a living. These seniors rolled back the years with their energy. I was amazed!

Afterwards, I had the longest and most deserving nap in history.

When you meet people who are not as good as you are, people who need your help, do you see them as a waste of your time? Do you help them become better? Everyone needs help one way or the other and nobody loves being looked down on. Regardless of the difference in age, knowledge can still be gained. Words of encouragement can go a long way to make people not feel like losers. This actually works well when you exhibit a good level of patience. Patience is a characteristic of a great leader. This is very important especially when you have to deal with kids, or people who have poor memories. You need to speak positively into their lives, study their strengths and build on it. Don’t tell lies to encourage them but always remind them that if you could achieve it, then they can do even better with perseverance. Be patient enough to give people that chance to prove themselves. Remember that every day we live to see is a sign of God’s patience and His willingness to give us another chance! Bear this in mind the next time you find yourself in a position to lend a helping hand.

Much love

Wisdom that Pays !

“Logos Sophia”, every Greek mind will understand this at first sight, but the mind tuned to Anglican contrivances will refer to it as “word of wisdom”.

It’s with great pleasure that I wrote to MLT family. All the thanks go to Jemima who thought it fit for such a mind as myself to grace her cyberspace and speak to this huge cyber community. I really appreciate the privilege.

My name is Harkheindzel Kenny O. I am an “iMentor”. (for those who have no idea of who or what an iMentor is, you may avail yourself of the insight to checkout “HARKHEINDZEL INITIATIVE” via ( However, this is not about my publicity, It’s about doing justice to the invitation that has been handed to me. With this, please take a journey with me in a few minutes to uncover the crux of “WISDOM THAT PAYS.”

First of all, I will like you to know that wisdom has majorly three areas of action. We have;

* Wisdom in thoughts,

* Wisdom in words, and

* Wisdom in deeds.

I choose to define wisdom as “the precise application of knowledge (known or latent) into instantaneous or foreseen occurrences.”

With that definition out of the way, there are some things to note about wisdom.

1. Wisdom is a Spirit:

the spiritual essence of wisdom is what manifests in various categories/areas. Once you fail to acknowledge that wisdom is a spirit, then you can’t optimize its application. This is the simple definition of folly; “the choice to disdain the existence of wisdom as a spirit”

2. Wisdom is not in quantity but in quality:

the gift of wisdom is not in number, but in value. Let me annotate with this illustration. “knowledge is knowing that sugar makes things sweet, but it is wisdom to know that you don’t add sugar to everything you want to be sweet” (you will understand that quote in a moment).

3. Wisdom is a nature of God that rubs off on you:

There is always a divine factor involved with wisdom. I will like to use this medium to correct a school of thought that describes God as being ‘wiser than the wisest.’ This is so wrong. There is no margin of comparison between a creator and a creature. You cannot use the frailties of man to compare the eminence of God. Simply put it like this; God is the only wise God. (full stop!)

Romans 14:26 to THE ONLY WISE GOD, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever! Amen.

The moment we get this fact, it opens us to true wisdom, it’s operations and applications.

4. Wisdom and the now! – The Supernatural:

We are expected to display wisdom like none other. One of the things this world lacks is wisdom.. True wisdom..! The kinda wisdom that only comes from God. No doubt, there is knowledge, but if you look at everything around you. It points to one huge undeniable fact; that wisdom is lacking. Look at our educational system, financial and fiduciary concerns, economic policies, political arena, religious sector, etc. Everything seems to be in cacophony and rancour because wisdom is lacking. This is the reason you need to be equipped with the wisdom that pays, the wisdom that makes the difference. That’s the supernatural wisdom.

5. Wisdom of the age to Come:

This is the secret to wisdom. This is the wisdom that will give you an edge over all peers and contemporaries. It is not the wisdom of this age or the wisdom of this time, it is the wisdom of the age to come. The interesting thing is that wisdom is available now!… Only to those who value it. Wisdom is not a fool’s price, nor an idle man’s reward. It is a ‘piece du resistance’ that only find their ways into the home of the prudent and diligent.

I cannot start to mention those who have come to the discovery of this particular wisdom. They are easy to know. They are those who have made a mark in history. Different people from different fields and walks of life have stumbled on this wisdom… And the day they did, they became transformed forever.

One of the reasons why the Bible remains a book to be reckoned with for all time is because of the wisdom that oozes from it every time. That kinda wisdom is uncommon. It’s the wisdom of the age to come. That is why it remains ever relevant to every man and beast.

This secret only comes with the spirit of wisdom. It’s the force that has driven men to stand high above the insights of their generations. If you wish to become such a man, then you need to do more than just wishing. You need to ask, seek, and by all means, knock on the door of wisdom.

Wisdom cannot be found with the eyes but only with the spirit. Wisdom can be expressed with the mind but it cannot be gotten with the mind. This is what makes wisdom priceless.

Wisdom can be gotten through many means (both the good and the bad), but the wisdom of God always distinguishes itself at last. This wisdom will show you what you need to do, how to act, where to live, who to marry, when to marry, how to build, how to manage and exponentially grow your assets and resources. If you think this wisdom is not worth getting, then I can conclude that you are not ready to start living.

One important way to get the wisdom is through INDUCTION. Yes, wisdom can be induced from one person to another (remember it’s a spirit). It can be induced either from God or from man.

Everything boils down to your relationship with both. If you relate well with EITHER (GOD OR MAN), you can be graced to enjoy the rubbing off of wisdom. Just LIKE the way the spirit rubbed off from GOD to MOSES (God to man), then MOSES and JOSHUA (man to man).

“Deut 34:9 Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses had laid his hands on him. The children of Israel listened to him, and did as Yahweh commanded Moses.”

This is where mentorship is very important. A lot of things have been induced or based from the mentor to the men tee. So don’t joke with these destiny relationships.

On a final note, I would like to say that it is not too late to take on wisdom. The rewards are always the same no matter when you choose to join the wisdom train. All you just need to do is act. Step out and step into the operation of God’s wisdom. (Matthew 10:1-14)

You can thank me later.

Your iMentor,

Harkheindzel Kenny O.

MLT presents: MLT For The Needy

Hello friends, I want to thank you for supporting My Loud Thought (MLT). You are the best and God bless you.

MLT For The Needy is a medium of outreach to the homeless, the widows, orphans, and those who lost all they had due to war or natural disasters. MLT For The Needy is the voice telling them that all hope is not lost. It is the hand of love that extends toward them from our charitable hearts.

MLT For The Needy came to light one sunny afternoon (no pun intended). In a quest to overcome boredom I decided to take a walk around the block. By the side of the road was this little girl who was standing there, begging for money. Although, prior to this, I had seen kids beg on streets, but seeing this girl made me aware of the fact that, just like millions of other “too busy” individuals, I had failed to observe that these kids have no bright idea on how to live a life of purpose. I felt so bad with myself.

When I asked the little girl why she wasn’t in school, she told me that she was an orphan who had no one to take care of her. I imagined myself in her shoes, it was quite a disturbing imagination. So I took the responsibility of getting this little girl a nice home and enroling her into a good school, where she is doing very good presently. One child now has a better life and this has inspired me to assist as many kids as I can. But I can’t do it all alone, THEY NEED US ALL, that is why “MLT For The Needy” is created.

There are lots of other kids out there who need such help. They need more than the penny we put in their plates. They need better PRIVILEGES! Our basic amenities are their DREAMS!

God has given you and I the go-ahead to do these good works: (1Timothy 6:18) “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”

Progressively, MLT For The Needy will be carrying out projects in various parts of the world. Our activities will be made known to you from time to time. Feedback from our readers are welcome. Please join and support this great project. You can reach us here.

Your good works can affect lives positively. That is what we stand for.

Thank you

Love with prerequisite?

Hello everyone, remember I said in the previous article that MLT will be moving to a greater height this year. We are going to be touching lives in different areas.

I read an article the other day, about the son of a billionaire who fell in love with a lady. Well, such stories aren’t meant to get any second glances these days right? Yeah. But, since the title of the article actually read, “Billionaire son, Adam, found love in this pretty woman. Does anybody know who she is?” That question must have had every reader studying the face of the woman the same way scientists study specimen. When did having a high social, or financial status become a prerequisite for falling in love?

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a great guy and he felt the same way about me too. He invited me to his family’s party. It was a grand event. I was introduced to quite a number of BIG NAMES, including his parents. During these introductions, I was frequently asked who my parents were and their occupations and I told them the same thing repeatedly, just like a broken record. I told them, with self confidence and pride, who my parents are and what they do. I had a quiet, good time at the party. Anyway, not until a few days later that I got to know we couldn’t work out anymore, because they did not acknowledge my great parents. It hurt so bad.

If God actually looked at how low we are compared to His standards, well, I guess the scripture would have been written as: while we were yet sinners, Christ refused to die for us. We would all have missed on His salvation. One thing I know about real love is that it doesn’t care about where you are coming from or what you are, it just happens to you! If everyone loved because of financial status or name, then, who would love the orphans, the homeless, and less privileged? The bible says, “love your neighbour as yourself.” There is no condition of position or class attached to it.

I would appreciate your opinion on this matter too. The question is: should love come with a prerequisite?


One Love! One Spirit!

Happy new year everyone. I have this strong feeling that this year is full of great achievements and also great events.
Get ready because it is going to be a spectacular year for MLT and its readers. We thank you all very much for your supports last year. We plan to take it a step higher this year. Don’t get left out on this MLT project! Your contributions: stories, suggestions, testimonies etc, can go a long way in saving lives. Please work with us.

So I have been itching to discuss this topic. Thank God the opportunity finally came….

On the second day of the new year, I embarked on a 12-hour journey. To prevent myself from being idle, I carried one of my favourite books with me. I began reading the book because I had nothing else to do. But as I got deeper and deeper into it, I didn’t want any distraction until I had finished reading the book. Unfortunately, I was distracted by some “quiet sobs”, I looked up and saw a lady crying. I guess all other persons were too immersed in their thoughts to notice her.

I asked her what was wrong, she told me amidst tears that she had an interview the previous day, and on getting to the venue she saw some other candidates who came for the same interview as well. She waited patiently until it was her turn to meet the interviewers, she went in, met the panel and this lady answered every question that was thrown at her – impressively. This job was definitely hers for the taking, or so she thought. But when the time came for her to get her result and her supposed letter of appointment, the boss called her privately to tell her that, although, she had passed exceptionally well, she would not be given the job because she was not from the tribe of the chairman of the organisation. That was how this lady lost the job.

I was more than sad by the time the lady was done talking. For a moment, I wished I could give that chairman a piece of my mind. I can’t tell you when this world will be a better place, but what I do know is that the world can not be better unless we eradicate discrimination and uphold justice. Can you imagine how unlucky that lady must have felt? The kind of rejection she had to deal with walking out of the company doors?

When the lady became more calm, she declared that she will succeed in life and when she does she will help as many persons in need as she can.

Friends, I know that there are various other stories of discrimination, but as long as it is not right, I won’t stop taking actions against situations like this. I urge you to do the same. The biblical saying: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, doesn’t tell us to show love to only persons from our household, tribe, kindred, team, country, gender, racial group, our friend or lover.

When we learn to walk in unity, with one love, just as God choose to work with us, then a change is possible. No matter who you are, or where you are from, we are all made by one God who is diverse in His ways. Let us stop discriminating. Remember, change starts from within you!

“I’m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror,
I’m Asking Him To Change
His Ways,
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer,
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place,
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change”

I guess Michael Jackson’s message through these lyrics of his really couldn’t have been any clearer.

Much love