MLT presents: MLT For The Needy

Hello friends, I want to thank you for supporting My Loud Thought (MLT). You are the best and God bless you.

MLT For The Needy is a medium of outreach to the homeless, the widows, orphans, and those who lost all they had due to war or natural disasters. MLT For The Needy is the voice telling them that all hope is not lost. It is the hand of love that extends toward them from our charitable hearts.

MLT For The Needy came to light one sunny afternoon (no pun intended). In a quest to overcome boredom I decided to take a walk around the block. By the side of the road was this little girl who was standing there, begging for money. Although, prior to this, I had seen kids beg on streets, but seeing this girl made me aware of the fact that, just like millions of other “too busy” individuals, I had failed to observe that these kids have no bright idea on how to live a life of purpose. I felt so bad with myself.

When I asked the little girl why she wasn’t in school, she told me that she was an orphan who had no one to take care of her. I imagined myself in her shoes, it was quite a disturbing imagination. So I took the responsibility of getting this little girl a nice home and enroling her into a good school, where she is doing very good presently. One child now has a better life and this has inspired me to assist as many kids as I can. But I can’t do it all alone, THEY NEED US ALL, that is why “MLT For The Needy” is created.

There are lots of other kids out there who need such help. They need more than the penny we put in their plates. They need better PRIVILEGES! Our basic amenities are their DREAMS!

God has given you and I the go-ahead to do these good works: (1Timothy 6:18) “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”

Progressively, MLT For The Needy will be carrying out projects in various parts of the world. Our activities will be made known to you from time to time. Feedback from our readers are welcome. Please join and support this great project. You can reach us here.

Your good works can affect lives positively. That is what we stand for.

Thank you


3 thoughts on “MLT presents: MLT For The Needy”

  1. “And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall inno wise lose his reward.” ~Matthew 10:42
    Blessing to you..


  2. Hooray for your action! You remind me of the story about the kid on the beach picking up shellfish that washed onto the shore, and putting them back in the water. The beach was covered with such shellfish. A man asked the child why he wasted his time when so many shellfish were perishing, and his act was making so little difference. The boy answered, “it makes a big difference to this one.”

    God bless you for taking that little girl into your heart, sharing her with others, and expanding your mission.


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