My Adventure

I was in my room trying to take a nap after completing a big task on my to-do list when my phone rang. I was assigned to a new task: to give a group of adults a cultural dance lesson. First I had to learn the dance before I could teach it. Obviously it wasn’t so easy, but after I cleared my mind of all unconstructive thoughts, and practised for some time, I learnt this dance almost to perfection – and I felt so proud of myself (smiles). So I fixed a date for the dance lessons and I would be anything but truthful if I told you that I wasn’t nervous. In fact I was, not because of the dance but because I was going to teach a group of adults. I have held lectures with adults, but this was dance lessons, quite a new and interesting adventure.

When the day came, I asked God for the patience and skill to communicate with my “students”, then I went for the rehearsal. By the time I got there I almost ran back out of the hall. They were old people, older than the adults I had in mind, and they were not in a smiling mood. I couldn’t guess why. So before we started, I tried to get them to loosen up a bit with an informal introduction. Then I told them how much I believed in them, and that although they weren’t the best at that moment, but by the end of the drill, they would be the best. I kept praying to God to give them a reason to smile because the atmosphere around us was so tense. Few hours into the rehearsals everyone started having fun and within a couple more hours, you would think they danced for a living. These seniors rolled back the years with their energy. I was amazed!

Afterwards, I had the longest and most deserving nap in history.

When you meet people who are not as good as you are, people who need your help, do you see them as a waste of your time? Do you help them become better? Everyone needs help one way or the other and nobody loves being looked down on. Regardless of the difference in age, knowledge can still be gained. Words of encouragement can go a long way to make people not feel like losers. This actually works well when you exhibit a good level of patience. Patience is a characteristic of a great leader. This is very important especially when you have to deal with kids, or people who have poor memories. You need to speak positively into their lives, study their strengths and build on it. Don’t tell lies to encourage them but always remind them that if you could achieve it, then they can do even better with perseverance. Be patient enough to give people that chance to prove themselves. Remember that every day we live to see is a sign of God’s patience and His willingness to give us another chance! Bear this in mind the next time you find yourself in a position to lend a helping hand.

Much love


4 thoughts on “My Adventure”

  1. Myself being a “senior”.. living in a “senior” residence.. and having worked with “seniors”.. I must say; nothing gets our attention, patience, and interest faster than being given attention, patience, and interest.
    Great post, Jemima.. Blessings
    PS.. May I join your dance class..? 😉


  2. What wonderful attention and encouragement you gave to your “students,” Jemima. They were blessed to have you as their dance teacher, and you may never fully know how much of a gift you were in their lives. You have a generous attitude and a kind heart. Like Rivera, my only question is, “Can I join your dance class?”


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