“The manager will be with you shortly, please take a seat over there.” The secretary signalled me to a chair. While I waited, I brought out a book from my bag and began to read. Few minutes into the book I heard the lady ask the guy beside me, “who are you?” I looked up, and, from the guy’s expression I inferred that he was startled by the question. My head was still raised, waiting for his answer.

He replied, “I am the son of deputy….” Well, I lost interest before he could even finish. The secretary retorted, “I know you’re rich but, who are you? It involves your vision, your purpose.”

Have you ever considered the same question: Who are you?

My spiritual father once told me that you can’t know what you deserve, or where you are meant to be, if you don’t know who you are. Over the years, I have gotten to know the importance of knowing who you are. John the baptist was a great man, a man who knew who he was: the voice crying in the wilderness, saying, prepare the way of the Lord. John the baptist knew his purpose, he was sure about where he was going.

Sometimes it might be a little difficult to know who you really are due to some setbacks, but you must have an idea. Knowing who you are requires you to take time to study yourself. Don’t just go with the crowd. It’s like looking for gold: you have to dig into the dirt to get it, then you refine it, bringing out its true quality. Similarly, you need to dig into your heart in order to find the real you, then work on yourself continually to make a better you.

Knowing who you are makes you confident. It gives you a picture of where you should be and what you need to do. We need to really give a definition to our existence so we would stop running everyone’s race! Think about this; “Who are you?”

Much Love.


Yes you can!!!

I read an article written by iMentor, an inspirational blogger and friend, which gave my courage a great boost.

Is it bad to have dreams? No!
Is it bad to pursue them? No!
Is it bad to think that you can’t do it? No!

As humans we are prone to have doubts, but, is it bad if we don’t step out to make that dream happen? Oh yes!
It’s one thing to have a dream, it’s another thing to make a dream come true. This requires you to do two major things: take that first step and start what you have been wanting to do. The other is to complete the objective. Some other factors come during the period of the project, factors that could either spur you to finish your task, or to abandon it. But a good result doesn’t always come easy. You have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve greater success.

It is time you did something for yourself and stop procrastination. Don’t just do nothing then say; with faith, what is mine shall surely come to me. Act! “You foolish person, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless?” (James 2:20). Go get what you desire. Stay away from negative thinkers. I surround myself with great leaders who always motivate me to be great. That’s the kind of people you need: people who would tell you it is possible when you think you can’t. Be with great minds filled with possibilities.

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14).

Believe in yourself. See yourself doing great things. Anytime you feel like quitting, tell yourself, “I can’t fail. I am not in the association of failure and yes I can do it.” Have this at the back of your mind, “you can’t see the end if you don’t have a beginning.”

Much love

lets get to the root!

Valentine season! 🙂 Love is in the air. “Where will he take me to this time?” “What will he get me?” These are some of the questions ladies ponder. Well, not all ladies though; because some don’t.
Have you ever asked yourself while opening those cute gifts, if you’re just one of the numerous ladies on his list, or you’re his one and only?
…Ouch! some answers could hurt though.

Nevertheless ladies let’s get to the root!

He never misses to buy you chocolates and cookies every Feb 14th, for five years, while you gain an extra 10 pounds every Valentine’s day. But he hasn’t introduced you to any important person in his life. He hasn’t even brought up the “sub topics” under marriage.
When do you intend to stop playing anonymous? Are you Casper, the friendly ghost, who has a frightening effect on strangers, & never grows old? I bet you are NOT. You need to ask him what his plan for the future is for both of you – together. Ask him now before he turns you into a brownie!

You say “he is just a friend, besides, he has a girlfriend.” You are cool whenever he brings up his girl’s name into a discussion. You even help him decide what gifts to buy for her; that’s no problem for you at all. What bothers you is the way he frowns whenever a guy calls you. He gets sombre & sometimes, angry when you use other guys’ photos as your display picture. Which of you is being more silly?
Sister, you need him to re-define what his relationship with you is! ASAP!

Hi, I know you’re scared of being in a wrong relationship, so you avoid being in any relationship. You may have witnessed a man, probably your dad, mistreat a woman, or even you in some ways, and that has left a bad notion of men. Girl, you need to stop being bitter and come out of that shell! There are still many great gentlemen out there who know what it means to treat a woman right. You have to be ready to meet them. Pray to God to guide you to the right one. Remember this: no great man would pray to have a bitter woman. You can’t be bitter and be better at the same time.

Hey beautiful, you need to stop crying. I understand he broke your heart and it’s a painful feeling. But do you realize that while you wallow in your sorrow & regret, he moved on with his own life, probably living happy & loved? And while you vow not to love again, you give him triumph by making him be the only one who can make you happy.
Why let a broken heart lead to a broken life? You need to pick up the pieces and Move On: Laugh again, dance again, love again. Get rid of that very song that ties your heart to those memories. Make a joke about how he lost you, instead of crying over how you lost him. Evaluate why it didn’t work, improve on yourself. Smile for your coming prince. 🙂

Sister, I know you are very religious. That really is a good thing. You have the whole scripture in your brain, yet every man wishes to be anywhere else in the world but with you. Why? Here’s the reason:
Spirituality can’t cover up bad character & repelling habits. It’s time for you to start smiling more often, be more friendly, be courteous, offer help when necessary. Socialize with people more often. Be FREE!
Your dressing matters a lot too; know how to dress. Change that your archaic hairstyle. When you start saying to yourself that your hair isn’t smelling so bad, believe me, that’s the time to WASH IT.

Above all, no man wants to get married to a liability. Don’t try to do something; Do something! Learn a skill. Be innovative. Seek to have a good knowledge about as much of everything: sports, culture, fashion, politics, nutrition, entertainment etc. Strive to be the type of woman you secretly wish you could be.

Pray to be a good woman, to be wifelike; for whoever finds you ought to find a good thing. Be that woman any man would love to spend a lifetime with. (Meditate always on Proverbs 31)

Love you sisters!

Hear ….Someone Cries

Hear… Someone Cries

Embedded in my memory are waves of dark satin…

Once their young complexions.

Faded sunshine from their faces tell of their saddened hearts.

Clouded diamonds where once brown eyes.. speak of misguided ambitions.

Looking down from The Link Bridge..

I become mesmerized by the water’s flow.

Visions below it’s surface.. awakens my life’s past..

And again.. I see their faces.. Again I hear their cries.

From deep beneath the Cowries.. together, they sing:

To those who have nothing.. There is always.. Dream.

To those without dream.. There is always.. Hope.

To those without hope.. There is God.. Always.

To those without God.. There is nothing..!!

I’ve left the bridge..

I’ve left the water..

I’ve left the vision..

I’ve left the.. Area.

Continuing my journey.. The song remains.

Poetry by Carl Rivera

© Carl Rivera

Pick up your Mantle!

I was reading about the time when God told the prophet Elijah to anoint Elisha to follow in his same calling. The bible says Elijah placed his mantle upon Elisha. As soon as I read that verse of scripture, the Lord began to speak to me about picking up our mantle. Many of us have dropped our mantle and are not doing what the Lord has called us to do.

Your mantle is your outer cloak. It’s the anointing the Lord has placed upon you. Your mantle is the power of God. There’s no need to be afraid of your mantle. God has selected you and called you for a specific purpose.

It’s time to pick up your mantle and walk in the authority and power of the Most High God. Let your response today be like that of Elisha. He kissed his parents, sacrificed unto God and ran after Elijah to be his understudy. Elisha accepted the calling which was placed upon him. He ran after his calling and went on to do great exploits for the kingdom of heaven.

Your mantle is whatever God has called you to. Writing, singing, dancing, musician, preacher, teacher, artist, poetic, parent, student, evangelist, intercessor, counselor, prophet, even president, pick up your mantle.

Today’s blog post has been written and submitted by Aurea. You can find more about her and her writings here