Hear ….Someone Cries

Hear… Someone Cries

Embedded in my memory are waves of dark satin…

Once their young complexions.

Faded sunshine from their faces tell of their saddened hearts.

Clouded diamonds where once brown eyes.. speak of misguided ambitions.

Looking down from The Link Bridge..

I become mesmerized by the water’s flow.

Visions below it’s surface.. awakens my life’s past..

And again.. I see their faces.. Again I hear their cries.

From deep beneath the Cowries.. together, they sing:

To those who have nothing.. There is always.. Dream.

To those without dream.. There is always.. Hope.

To those without hope.. There is God.. Always.

To those without God.. There is nothing..!!

I’ve left the bridge..

I’ve left the water..

I’ve left the vision..

I’ve left the.. Area.

Continuing my journey.. The song remains.

Poetry by Carl Rivera

© Carl Rivera


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