“The manager will be with you shortly, please take a seat over there.” The secretary signalled me to a chair. While I waited, I brought out a book from my bag and began to read. Few minutes into the book I heard the lady ask the guy beside me, “who are you?” I looked up, and, from the guy’s expression I inferred that he was startled by the question. My head was still raised, waiting for his answer.

He replied, “I am the son of deputy….” Well, I lost interest before he could even finish. The secretary retorted, “I know you’re rich but, who are you? It involves your vision, your purpose.”

Have you ever considered the same question: Who are you?

My spiritual father once told me that you can’t know what you deserve, or where you are meant to be, if you don’t know who you are. Over the years, I have gotten to know the importance of knowing who you are. John the baptist was a great man, a man who knew who he was: the voice crying in the wilderness, saying, prepare the way of the Lord. John the baptist knew his purpose, he was sure about where he was going.

Sometimes it might be a little difficult to know who you really are due to some setbacks, but you must have an idea. Knowing who you are requires you to take time to study yourself. Don’t just go with the crowd. It’s like looking for gold: you have to dig into the dirt to get it, then you refine it, bringing out its true quality. Similarly, you need to dig into your heart in order to find the real you, then work on yourself continually to make a better you.

Knowing who you are makes you confident. It gives you a picture of where you should be and what you need to do. We need to really give a definition to our existence so we would stop running everyone’s race! Think about this; “Who are you?”

Much Love.


3 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU?”

  1. Discovering and knowing your real self takes a lot of soul searching. I have had to sit down several times and really do serious soul searching because it is very easy to become lost to your real self, thereby making it more or less impossible to maximize your destiny and your God-ordained purpose in life. There is always a sharp misinterpretation of what purpose is from being talented ( i stand to be corrected). You might be talented but lack vision; purpose is what is needed for vision to be achieved. Your life’s purpose ultimately defines you and once this is defined, your real ‘you’ is exposed…..
    Nice piece Sis…all the best!


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