Theres no such Miracle!

Hi everyone! it’s been a while but just like my friend would say; the hustle and bustle of life can be very demanding.

During the course of the week, I spoke to some teenage boys and I asked them to write down what they wanted from God. I expected them to fill their note pads with things like wisdom, knowledge and understanding. My prediction was right for most of the boys except one.

This particular boy asked that God give him $20million before the end of the year. It would have been comprehendable if he had just asked for money without laying emphasis but, wow! $20million was quite beyond my wildest guess.

So I called him aside to have a vivid idea what was going through his mind. I told him that I saw his request and it was a rather strange ‘desire‘ for a boy his age to ask from God. He replied, “yes aunt, that’s what I want. On Sunday a man gave a testimony about how God blessed him with millions and I want the same.” I said, “oh yes, it’s possible, but what would you do with the money?” Then he smiled and said “I would buy a very big house, a sleek car and some designer clothes.”

Well, no thanks to most of our celebrities for passing such a message about how you can get money and spend it lavishly without an idea of investment. That’s a matter for another day. So I sat this innocent boy down and explained to him that apparently, the man that gave the testimony forgot to mention how hard he had worked for the money before God blessed him for his efforts. I’m glad he understood better, if not all, but few principles about money.

Just like the boy, there are adults who also think they can get money without working. Please don’t be fooled by anyone, there’s no such miracle! You see friend, the principle that applies to a farmer – plant, weed and then harvest – is the same principle that says you work, pray and enjoy your reward too. You cant sleep all day then expect money to knock on your door just because you wished it! It won’t until you wake up, put your talent and knowledge and skills to work, and pray that God bless the work of your hands . . . then you harvest.

Everything comes with principles and sustaining wealth is no different. You have to give, to always give from your heart to the needy. It commands more blessings. It is seed-sowing. Rewarding. The more you give the more you receive. It’s very practical.

When you understand the act of giving as investing, then you wouldn’t mind “investing” your wealth. Your first investment should be your tithes, offerings and first fruit. It should come before all other investments. Beware of people who hate giving back to God, they are very dangerous people! Such people are untrustworthy to do business with.

These principles make big things happen for you, without them there would be no such miracle.

To the person out there who’s probably thinking “yeah I didn’t work yet a fortune was passed to me.” Know that someone else worked for it; either you or whoever passed the wealth to you. I advise you to invest it wisely for your next generation too. I would take a bow now and let you enjoy this but don’t forget; everything has a working principle. I would love to say congratulations in advance for the fortune coming your way!

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Much love


Act right

After a very hectic day at work, I was finally on my way home. I was so lucky to beat the traffic, but something else kept me on the road for a while. I saw a man run across the road, almost causing an accident. I was shocked to see that this man, despite almost getting himself killed, he didn’t even seem to care. He didn’t stop until he got to the other side of the road where a crowd gathered. Judging from the growing crowd, we knew something ‘serious’ was going on there.

I moved a little closer and saw a woman laid on the floor, she seemed to be having a seizure. People tried different methods in order to revive this woman. Some guys brought out their phones to take photos and record the event, for entertainment & social media purposes. That got me a little puzzled. I quietly asked a young boy if it was a movie shoot. He gave me an irritated glance before saying “no aunt, she was about to cross to the other side when suddenly she fell down and started rolling.” Wow! Here is a woman who is in a critical condition and these people are making a joke out of it by taking pictures and videos of her partially exposed body. I moved closer to render the little help I could.

I can’t explain how bad that incident made me feel. If people can think that the ideal way to help a woman in pain is to take a picture of an exposed part of her body, then we still have a long way to go! I can’t help but imagine how the story of the Samaritan man in the bible would have been if there were camera phones at that time.

A nation without discipline is not a nation likely to grow. Don’t wait to be told to do something right if you know how. It shows people can rely on you in times of distress. Finally, there’s always a good feeling and sense of responsibility after being helpful.

Well, probably there’s someone reading this too, someone who loves to catch fun out of a very bad situation. I would tell you to stop and act right. You could be the next person in need of urgent help.

Much love