Happy fathers day!


Research shows that majority of the children are closer to their mothers than their fathers, but today isn’t about our great mothers, but our fathers. Before I start I would like to tell you what a father means to me.

A father is what I call ….

My pillar, My mirror.

The one I look at and all I see is courage.

Love you unconditionally.

Though you’re not perfect, but you made all perfect for my wellbeing.

Love you!

“A father is someone who impacts life and is committed to it”. You see, sometimes I wonder what it is about fathers that makes our heartbeats race so fast like that of a chased foul. I can remember vividly the story of a particular family, whenever they hear the sound of their father’s car horn you would think they were running for Olympics. Sometimes they would “pick race” and run into their rooms oh! Then I always wondered what could be the problem. I realized it wasn’t just that one family, there were lots of families who had such experience.

Seriously what is it about fathers that scare the ghost out of us? Sometimes I think there is something attached to their foreheads that tells us to RUN! Lol…that was a joke. But many people would agree with me that the first person to know all our friends would always be our mothers and not fathers. While I was in high school, a lot of students wouldn’t dare greet their friends when they were beside their fathers. While some of us have wonderful stories to tell about our fathers, some kids were not as lucky in that area. Let me tell you a little about my fathers. Fathers?! Yes, my fathers! *raised eyebrows* I have three fathers.

My Biological Father: a very handsome man with a smile that can melt the ice in any heart. His dimples are to die for (hey ladies, he is already taken oh!) He would carry me on his shoulder and take me to a suya joint when I was a baby, he would say “girl, are you chilling?” A very intelligent man he is, you just can’t outsmart him (sharpest man ever liveth). He taught me how to live life at a very tender age, he gave me the courage to face any battle in life. He made me the independent woman that I am today. Love you so much daddy. Thank you for all.

My Spiritual Father: the first time I saw him, I knew he had something called grace which I had to share. He taught me what I would never learn in any physical institution.

He would look at me and say, “woman of God, bawo ni omo mi?” (How are you my child?) Always ready to give me a listening ear. He would tell me to believe and never retreat on God’s promises. He taught me high morals and gave me the key to my greatest inheritance in Christ Jesus.

Rev Deji Olabode, I will forever be grateful to God for taking me straight into your path.

My God Father: where do I start from? Is it the fact that his smile is the coolest and most beautiful I have ever seen, or the calmness of his voice? He would say with a smile, “Oluwatobiloba I am proud of you.” He gives me what I call liver, He never likes to see me unhappy. He is always interested in whatever and whoever I am involved with. Not even mindful of how small I was, he would always ask for my own opinion on very sensitive issues. He always prayed for me, and would tell me that my husband should better be ready to answer to him when he comes for me (you don hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!) A man who knows how to be a friend and a father. A pillar of courage and strength. A man of God and integrity. I could go on and on but . . . .

To all potential fathers out there

My brother: I ask God every day for wisdom for you to be a proud father for your children.

My future husband: I know God is blessing you with what it takes to be a good father to our (1, 2, 3, 4) children

My male friends: I love you and I believe you all will make the best fathers to your children.

This goes out to the fathers who lost their lives fighting battles for their children, we will always love you and may your legacy always remain. We miss you all.

To the fathers who lost their families due to their mistakes, may your families find a place in their hearts to forgive and love you once again, but only if you retrace your steps and ask God for mercy first.

Finally, for those who are scared to become fathers because of the experience they had from their father or uncles, please don’t be, all you need to do is ask God to direct you and teach you to be the best.

Shout out to all fathers on this Father’s Day.

I will really love you to share your “father experience” with us here.

Love you so much.



Wait a minute! dont give it up yet.

Have you not wondered how the same time you thought was sufficiently at your disposal at some point, suddenly became an eleventh hour moment? Or you end a day wishing you had 25hrs to work with instead of 24hrs because you could not complete your objective? Time is never enough for people who don’t know how to manage time. But today I’m here for the persons who think they just can’t do one thing right without failure and so they become so afraid to even start anything.

I understand where you’re coming from. You have a supposedly perfect mental strategy for achieving success, but when it comes to executing it in reality it ends up being a mess. Then you play the blame card. Well, it’s time you stopped playing yourself and start playing your cards right.

What I’m talking about here might be related to your career, relationship, spiritual things etc. You may even console yourself with the belief that you were just not born to excel like some people. Stop there! No one is born a failure. It all depends on what we make of ourselves after being born. I have been on this research about why people fail and I can tell you one of the main reasons for failure is lack of consistency & courage. We always want to be graded excellent at our first try, forgetting that mistake was made for humans and not for plants, and when we fail the first time the zeal for whatever it is dies and we quickly deviate to an easier task because we don’t want to be labeled a failure.

Do you actually know that the people we see as success today had times in their lives when they thought they couldn’t make it? But with courage, consistency, determination & having the right people around, they were able to do it. My friend, just because something didn’t work for someone you know doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you, and because you tried it the first time and it didn’t appear as you had pictured doesn’t mean the second time wouldn’t be better. I don’t know who is about to give up on that dream of yours, or that relationship or career, but all I want you to know is don’t ever give up!.

Sometimes it’s not the game that needs to be changed but how we play the game. You having a dream to be something better isn’t bad, but giving up after trying the only a few times is failure already. Keep pushing. Be sure what you are doing is a good thing. The first step to take is to call on God for help, then you need to also help yourself by being consistent, determined, courageous and most importantly surround yourself with positive-thinking people. Remember, If you can’t stop thinking about it, then don’t stop working for it! Have that passion in you to be great! I see you doing great things!

PS – Thank you for your comments, mails, calls, twitter messages and all. I’m happy to help you write about it here.

Much love