When you are inbetween…

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Tonia and Sharon are best of friends, and together they have experienced lots of memories – good and bad times. Then along the way, life connects Sharon with some very nice people whom she eventually became cool friends with. She was very excited to introduce her best friend, Tonia, to her new circle. Sharon was almost certain that both parties would blend. After all, Tonia always liked everything she liked so this would be no different. The first hang-out together was quite fun. It was just as Sharon had predicted, everyone seemed happy. But as time went by, Sharon gradually realized that her big dream of having a chain of wonderful friends isn’t going as planned. Slowly and unconsciously, her friendship with Tonia began to deteriorate. Sharon tried bridging that gap by asking herself and her best friend what the problem could be, but she could not find an answer. On Sharon’s birthday, she decided to spend the evening having fun with her friends – old and new friends. It was on that day it dawned on her that the new friends were the cause of the distance between her and Tonia her bestie. Sharon realized that most of her attention was being given to her new friends now, while Tonia, whom used to get all her attention now played second fiddle role. Sharon is stuck in this unwanted dilemma. She definitely doesn’t want to lose her best friend Tonia, but she can’t leave her new friends too, they are wonderful!

Have you ever found yourself in Sharon’s position? If you have, please do share your experiences with us and how you resolved the issue.

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