He layed on his bed and couldn’t bring himself to stop thinking about this strange girl, there was something about her but he couldn’t quite figure it out yet but, he promised himself he was going to. He checked the bedside clock it was almost 4am in the morning he needed to sleep now, he had an early morning class before travelling .

she went on with her daily activities but kept checking her phone to see if it was going to ring any moment, she didn’t know why but she was looking forward to his call.

He called her after three days for almost an hour she felt like a queen and ever since then a day hasn’t gone without them talking to each other. They became inseparable after their second meeting and began dating after few months. she couldn’t believe how lucky she was  handsome man in her life. He loved her and showered her with lots of gifts and affection. He had a good job and she too got a good job after her service. Her parents relocated to the states but she stayed back because of him and she couldn’t survive any distance relationship not now especially after they both agreed to make the best of their lives in Nigeria.

She was jerked back to reality when she felt his palms on her thigh, he was still sleeping . She quickly stood up and as she hurried to the bathroom she glanced at the bedside clock. It was few minutes to six in the morning, she couldn’t believe she has been awake since last night. She quietly closed the bathroom door behind her sat in front of the mirror to check the bruises on her back, her silk night gown was stained already with blood, her own blood how can she forget what happened that night.

She got home very late from work after all the exhausting traffic then she tried resting for an hour before she prepared dinner she knew he was going to be home soonest and so she made the quickest meal she could lay her hands on chicken and chips with tomato sauce was his favourite anyway . She finished the whole dinner by 9:50pm and expected him to be home anytime soon. She changed into her night dress and sat to watch her favourite tv show “how do i look?”. She heard his car come in and sighed. She wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad she wasn’t sure what tonight holds yet and its been like this for months now . He had called her earlier from the office but his call was on “call waiting” because she was on the phone with her mum at a time, she called him back immediately but he didn’t pick and she she knew it was going to be an issue.

He was furious, he was eager to know who she was talking to that was so important to her that made his call wait on her phone. His strides into the house was full of anger and as he came inside, he went straight into the room and didn’t respond to her greetings and then she knew that the dinner was going to be a great waste. He came out unto the dining table to join her. She pretended to be interested in the food until he broke the silence by calling out her name “Julian can you stop your food to answer my question for a minute?” She cleared her throat and dropped her fork, raised up her eyes and saw what looked like a clout of fire in his eyes. Her hands were shaking, she knew trouble was in her face and not around the corner anymore. He started by saying “I called you earlier at work but you seem to be talking to a very important person, more important than me and so you left my call waiting”. She was about to talk when he said ” naa…I haven’t finished yet, so who the hell was calling you?!. He banged the table repeatedly as he asked “who?!” “who?!” he banged it so hard that it tripped off a ceramic plate. It fell and broke into pieces. She bent to pick the broken pieces and while she was picking, he was standing over her and ready to descend on her. She answered “my mum called”, he pulled her up and shouted “is that why you can’t look me in the eye?, its very obvious you’re lying! so tell me who called you? one of those men that wants to spoil you rotten?! She tried pushing him away and whispered “you’re hurting me pleaseeeeeee” she was crying already but he cared less and ignored the fact that he was causing her much pain. There was so much anger in his eyes, he pushed her to the wall and then she hit a nail hanging from the wall. She could feel the piercing into her skin and she knew she must be bleeding but she didn’t realise her gown was already soaked with blood.

She felt her backside and realised she was soaked in her own blood. As she struggled and struggled, she finally managed to pull away from him and ran into the bathroom, he ran after her but he was not fast enough as she slammed the door and managed to lock the door leaving him outside. He started begging her to open the door and pleaded with her and said a lot of sorry words but she turned deaf ears to what he was saying not because she didn’t care but because she was too weak to talk, argue or fight. She came out of the bathroom hours later when she was so sure he would be asleep.

The tub was already filled for a bath, she had to be ready for work early so she rushed her bath and dressed up as quickly as possible. She wanted to be out of the house before he wakes up. She got to the office at 8’0clock sharp and went through her todo list for the day. The secretary had written it all out for her and left it on her table. She went in for the meeting at 9am and by 12noon she was done but just as she stepped out from the board room she started feeling her head banging and noticed a rise in her body temperature. She knew she needed some aspirin and some food too.  She sat on her table and couldn’t stop herself from crying. Oh! He wasn’t the sweet person she fell in love…she thought to herself, he was a complete different person now but she loved him still anyways.

She wasn’t certain if life was going to be meaningful without him and no matter what happens, she was determined to make ‘them’ work. She wished she had someone to talk to  but she hadn’t any friend. He had always told her that he didn’t want her to associate with her female counterparts because according to him having friends can ruin her life. He says friends will give you crazy ideas and bad advice about issues. So they both agreed that she was not going to keep friends.

She called her secretary to tell her she was going for lunch and she was about stepping out of her office, she noticed a delivery man with a large bouquet of rose flower entering her office. She asked who it was for and he mentioned her name.  She signed for it and noticed that it came with a gift box too what looked like wrist watch. She took it into her office and saw the attached note. It read “I’m sorry Angel” she knew it was from him.
He had done something similar when they had a fight so reached for the box and opened it. She saw the most beautiful diamond bracelet. She was so happy that she immediately got relieved of the headache. Coincidentally, he called her immediately and apologised to her and said he was going to be home early that day. She rushed for her car keys and smiled all the way to her car feeling ontop of the world. She was so happy  that she forgot she was hungry and had initially wanted to grab something to eat.

He got home before her and as she entered the living room, she couldn’t help but notice the strategically positioned lighted colourful scent candles all over the place. She could have sworn they were sent from heaven and as she trailed the flowers to the dining table and she saw him standing there to welcome her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt like she was day dreaming or let’s just say she needed to be brought back to reality with a pinch.

They sat opposite each other. She couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t believe this was happening. Her prayers were answered… he was ready to be better person for her, she thought… she adjusted her chair and tasted the meal, she was so impressed that the food tasted really good. As she was about to complement him about the food, she felt something mixed in the potion of food she took. She spilled it out it landed back into her plate. She picked it up to be sure what kind of stone got into her meal… on seeing what it was she screamed “oh my God, it a lie! ” and right before her eyes she couldn’t believe it as he went on his kneels and before she could say anything he started saying how he has been so unfair to her, how he was sorry for everything and how he was ready to make it work if she would forgive him. He also told her how much he loved her and how his life would be incomplete without her. Now in tears, she couldn’t believe everything that was happening. She didn’t know what to say…could this be for real? she thought…




Standing in the shadow of the rising sun she could see from the corner of her eyes he was sleeping soundly. She turned to study him he was 6ft3 with the smoothest skin you can ever imagine she had always loved tall guys and she knew she was going to end up with one someday. His muscles appeared so calm and while asleep his chest would move back and forth to the rhythm of his breathe. She moved closer to study his face, the setting sun was now casting it shadows on his face now making it appear like a silhouette.

She remembered well how it all started, she had always known that music was her first love she would give anything to attend a musical concert on campus. She was so good and everyone knew it, people would tell her her voice brings nothing but happiness to them and she knew it too. She enjoyed the attention her voice brought to her. She always made this silly joke that the attention her voice got was more that what her face could ever get and even though her friends always told her she was beautiful. She knew the whole sentence was just to console her because she knew deep down she wasn’t beautiful. Nevertheless, she wasn’t complaining because she had learnt early in life to accept whatever life had to offer you and that was how she learnt to accept her scarred face. She was told a story of how she barely escaped death in a fire accident at their apartment when she was little, that was how her face got a larger share of the burns. She had to go for plastic surgery and thanks to God and her rich parents who made her look less of a monster.

Every guy was her very good friend but none of them was comfortable enough to ask her out and so while her friends were having boyfriends going on dates and all, she would remain in her room listening to the latest songs which contributed to her great love for music but most of the times she would love up on her academics and study really hard. No wonder she ended up top of her class.

Towards the end of her final year there was an annual jazz concert that was going to take place on campus, she was excited and looking forward to that day. The day finally came but all her friends came up with the excuse of having an all night tutorial to make up for missed classes nevertheless, she was determined not to let them ruin her fun so she decided to go all alone.

She arrived at the venue 30minutes early to the concert and the hall was filled already, thanks to getting an earlier ticket at the front roll, she sat at her table an planned to listen to the songs on her phone while she waited. She was looking forward to a great night.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and smiled to greet whoever it was. She looked up and saw the most handsome man in existence and she couldn’t stop smiling nor take her eyes off him and whatever he was saying to her hit deaf ears because she just kept saying yes. Just as she continued to day-dream, she saw another hand entangled in his, she looked up and saw a pretty girl standing there. “Oh God, he is taken” she said as she watched both of them share the same table with her. She checked her phone it was 5minutes to the show and the anchor of the show had started talking, so she removed her earpiece to listen to what he was saying and coincidentally on time too to experience what she called a situation turn around. The mac dreamy girl wasn’t his girlfriend after all, she stood up to announce that she had to leave. Her boyfriend was around, so he hugged her and said he was going to find another friend for the night.

A part of her was happy because now its just the two of them left on the table, “he wouldn’t have a choice but to say hello” she thought as she pretended to be engrossed in her phone. He was looking at her now and she could feel it but she wasn’t sure why he was looking. Oh no! she should have known he was looking at her scarred face…he cleared his throat and said “hey friend what’s your name?” she replied with a smile and said “Julian and you are?” “Oh my bad I am Richard, Richard Jacobs” she replied “oh good”  and returned back to her phone. he thought to himself “I like her already she’s  composed” he shifted his chair closer because of the loud sound so he wouldn’t have to shout. He said “Julian am sorry but as anyone ever told you’re beautiful?” she was shy now she looked away and said “oh well not today” he laughed loud and said “then am lucky to be the first” they talked a lot during the concert and it finally came to an end. She enjoyed every bit of it but she knew at the end of the day he was going to give her one of those lines “its so nice to meet you thanks for your time and see you around” She turned to say goodbye before those words came out of his mouth when he asked if he could drop her off . Oh my God! she was surprised, “he was a gentle man after all” she thought to herself as she gave him the direction to her hostel. They talked all the way and they both wished the night wouldn’t end but all this was going to end soon at the gate because they were just seconds away from it. Well, she knew his name, the fact that he was in school for his masters and she would always remember that and smile after tonight. She was still lost in her thoughts when he asked if he could see her again, she almost spilled her guts couldnt help but coughed and said “sorry I didn’t get that” he smiled and said “I asked for your number your excellency” Right there, she prayed and said “God bless the founder of jazz”. “Oh okay then” she called the digits.he promised her he was going to call her and said goodnight. She wasn’t sure if she ran, skipped or break-danced to the hostel but she knew her future was becoming brighter with an handsome man in it.