Rough love 3

She kept crying and her vision became blur, he remained on his knees and he was scared of the outcome, he wasn’t sure of what she was going to say. He thought maybe she didn’t hear him the first time and so he repeated his question again “Julian please will you marry me?” She laughed out loud and said “Oh sorry all those tears meant YES!! I WILL”. He stood up and lifted her up from the chair and whirled her around, set her down and kissed her. The rest of the dinner was the best ever and their lovemaking that night was magical she could swear no had ever touched her like the way he did.

The next one month was the best for her and she wished it never ended. He showered her with lots of gifts and affection and she was looking forward to the future they would share together. They both have called their families to let them know of their wedding arrangements and promised to let them know as soon as they had picked the date.

It was exactly one month and three weeks when Richard called her up one afternoon, he told her he would love to have lunch with her and that he had great news that couldn’t wait to share. She saw it has a good excuse to take a break from work that day as she has been feeling so tired of late. She stood up 30mins to the time and left for lunch.

She saw his car as she was driving into the parking lot meaning that he had gotten there before her. She wondered what the news was all about and as she entered into the restaurant with a broad smile on her face. There he was sited with a glass of wine and waiting for her to come so they could order their meal. He stood up to give her a quick kiss and reminded her of how beautiful she was, she smiled and sat down. He strolled back to his seat and beckoned on the waiter to come. She couldn’t help but notice how happy he was. He kept smiling and it was like the word excitement was written all over him but she couldn’t guess what it was all about. She couldn’t hold it anymore, it was time he let the cat out of the bag. She cleared her throat and said “Richard please I am dying to know whatever the good news is please”. He smiled, held her hand and said, “My love I got a letter this morning and it was stated there that am now the MD of the biggest branch in the southwest” Wao! She let out a cry; she wanted to scream but managed to control it. She was extremely happy about the news.

Lunch too was amazing as they talked, joked and laughed together. He looked at his wrist watch and realised that he had to get back to his office for a meeting with some clients. She too had to get back to the office; she had loads of work on her table. He promised to be home early and as they got into the car park, they hugged each other goodbye and marched towards their cars. His phone rang, it was from his office so he stopped to receive the call. She too had almost gotten into her car when she heard someone’s shout ” The girl with an angels voice!” she paused, she wasn’t sure who the person was but she knew it would been someone from way back in school.

She turned to see who it was and shouted in amazement “Tunde! Is this really you? It’s been ages. How have you been? They hugged each other. They were in the same department back then in school and were really good friends too.
Richard was just about to drive out from the parking lot when he looked at his side mirror and saw Julian hugging some guy. Immediately, he stepped on the brakes, almost hitting the car in front of him because he was carried away at a time. In annoyance and great anger, he jumped out of his car and started walking towards them. Julian looked with the corner of her eyes and noticed him approaching.”Oh God not today” She said to herself. Tunde was still talking to her when Richard got to him; Julian saw the way Richard had prepared his fist and tried to prevent what was about to happen but it was too late to stop the punch from landing on Tunde’s face. Tunde landed on the ground and as he tried to get up, Richard rushed him and started punching him. It was a tug of war between both parties. Tunde was shocked as to what he had done wrong and at the same time tried to prevent more punches from getting at him. Julian kept shouting at Richard “Richard, it’s not what you think he is my friend!” Before long, people began to gather around and also, the securities were alerted and so separated them.

Tunde managed to get to his feet and looked at Julian and as she walked to him to apologise she felt a strong hand around her neck pulling her away. It was Richard and he was pulling her towards his car. “Richard! Stop this you’re hurting me, let me go he is just my friend!” All her pleads and explanations were falling on deaf ears as he pushed her into the passengers sit and banged the door. With so much anger, he entered into the car and kicked the car, the engine roared to life and he immediately stepped on the accelerator and zoomed off. 

She had no more strength in her as she kept weeping. He called his office he wouldn’t be able to return to the office and postponed all meetings till the next day. He also called Julian’s secretary and told her he was calling to let her know she wasn’t feeling too well and then he glanced at her with this angry look on his face. Julian knew that that night wasn’t going to be a good one and she wished she hadn’t woken up today.

As soon as they got home, he tried to pull her out of the car. She started begging him again and hoping he would let her be. He continued and eventually dragged her down into the living room. She was tired already and now she couldn’t argue anymore. He pulled her head up to face him and shouted “Who was that guy? One of those idiots who want to spoil you abi? Answer me you ingrate I said who the hell was that guy?!” She managed to answer him with the little energy left in her. “He is my friend from school and today is the first time we would be seeing in so many years, I can’t hurt you baby I love you” And to him it sounded like “Oh that guy? He is my lover and I am not scared of you! “

He spun her around, hit her against the wall and then hit her in the face, she fell back flat on the floor and couldn’t bring herself to stand up again. She felt like she was dying slowly. He picked a flower vase from the floor and threw it against the wall and with a loud noise, it shattered on the ground. She immediately felt something warm flowing between her legs and she put her hands between her legs, brought it up to her face and saw that it was her blood. She knew she had started bleeding and then using the last strength remaining in her, she shouted “Richard! Richard! You need to!” he shouted back at her “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down you cheat!”

” Richard am bleeding” She managed to talk and then he moved closer to her and noticed it was true, and started to shout “Oh no! baby please no no … I didn’t mean all I said, I lost my mind but am sorry” Now her eyes were gradually closing and to her everything sounded like an echo from a distance. She was slowly losing consciousness but to her it didn’t matter anymore because she was going to a better place…

to be continued.