She woke up three days later and had no idea where she was. The last thing she remembered was seeing her own blood and as she tried to sit up, she saw him sited at the corner of the room with his head lowered down. She looked around and realized she was in the hospital. “How did i get here? What day is this?’ She kept asking her herself.
He raised his head and saw she was awake, he himself had slept for about twenty minutes, he quickly moved to her side to help her sit up. She was about to start asking questions when he said “Thank God you are awake baby I thought I had lost you. I am so sorry” but she wasn’t interested in any apologies yet because all she wanted to know was why the blood.
The doctor came in while he was still talking and smiled. It was a female doctor and she checked her eyes, temperature, heart beat and other vitals. She asked her if she was feeling any pain or discomfort and she said “yes” and then the doctor asked what the problem was. The doctors face became sober and as she said “Miss Julian you are so lucky because we almost lost you but we are sorry we could not safe the baby” At this point, Robert was looking away. Julian Screamed “what! I was pregnant? Robert is it true that I was pregnant and that my baby is gone!” She cried aloud and Robert tried to calm her down while the doctor held her hand and said “Julian you are in a very delicate state now and as a matter of fact trying to have another baby would be humanly impossible, you went through a lot of stress and so we had to carry out some procedures to save your life , you would be fine as long as you take your medication but we have to keep you here for a few more days then you would be allowed to go home ” The doctor excuses herself and left the room. “No” she screamed, “I can’t lose my baby” she said “calm down baby God will give us another one” Robert said trying to pet her. She looked at him with great dismay and anger and said “Don’t say that to me again, Robert you’re wicked! Get out!! Go leave me!” She pushed him away and he left the room quietly. He would give her some time to settle down, he knew it would take her some time to forgive but he would wait and he is willing to give all it takes to make her happy again.

The hospital room was filled with flowers from Roberts, her colleagues and her family who had earlier called to know how she was doing. She had told them that it was a minor accident and that all was well. She hasn’t said a word to Robert since and she wasn’t ready even though she kept receiving gifts like diamonds necklaces, gold wrist watches and accessories, chocolates and the likes from him each passing day. She wasn’t willing to accept them not yet as she tried to get ready to be discharged. He was coming to pick her up from the hospital any moment soon and before long the door opened quietly. He stood at the door looking at her, she was already dressed with her bags already packed and as he smiled walking towards her to hug her, she ignored him, walked passed him and left him alone in the room. He shook his head in disappointment and carried her luggage.

It was a very quiet drive home as she slept almost half of the time they spent on their way home and at the other times she wasn’t asleep she would look outside the window totally ignoring him. He prayed silently for her to say something and as they got home, she alighted from the car and walked quietly into the house. She saw amazed when she saw balloons hanging from different parts of the ceiling and a decorated flex banner saying “Welcome home love” There was a cake and box wrapped with a ribbon beside it. She walked passed it to the dining table and she was even more surprised to see candle lights with her favorite food and her favorite bottle of wine. She almost succumbed to his advances and special treat but the thought of all that had happened and how she lost her baby toughened her up as she ran into the room, knelt on the floor and started to cry uncontrollably. He came into the room and started crying too and begged her to forgive him and talk to him. He told her to hit him, scream all she wanted if it will make her feel better. She looked him in the eye and said with tears flowing down her cheek “I have no words to say to you, but i would like to sleep now” He carried her up gently to the bed and laid her down to rest and as soon as she fell asleep, he left the room to the living room. He hated himself for what he had done and kept apologizing to her as though she was with him in the living room. He then realized how late it was, then went into the room to rest and as he laid down beside her, he whispered “please God don’t let her leave me, I can’t live without her” She closed her eyes hearing those words and sobbed quietly.

In the morning, he woke up, got ready and prepared breakfast for two before leaving the house. He came home very early from work and met her in the kitchen preparing dinner. He urged her to stop and hand over the cooking to him. He took over the kitchen work as sat down to watch him. She later stood up, said some words to him and went off to bed. He went to wake invite her for dinner but she was already fast asleep so he let her be. He joined her few hours later and called it a day. It is now two days with little or no communication between the two.
She was still sleeping when he left for work in the morning but this time he dropped a rose flower beside her with a sorry note attached to it. He was determined to change for good and also planned to call her mother to explain everything to her and probably ask her to plead on his behalf.

She woke up at exactly 10 o’clock as she sat down to plan her day. She was feeling much better now and she needed to get back to her office work and probably get some things done for the day. It was Friday already and she couldn’t wait till Monday. She checked the calendar on her phone, it was three days to valentine but all the excitement she always had for this valentine was lost. She quickly rushed to the bathroom to have her bath. It took her over an hour to get to the office and as she stepped into the office, everyone stood up to welcome her. She went into her office and picked up from where she left and made sure she got some work done.

Her phone rang and she looked and saw that it was Robert. This was going to be the 7th time he would be calling her in 3 hours and she had picked once to tell him that she was busy at the office but almost done and would be shutting down her system very soon. He wanted to know what she would want for dinner. She had replied him already saying anything he wanted would be fine but because he was been careful around her and didn’t want to upset her in anyway, he called again to be sure if what he had in mind would be what she wouldn’t mind having for dinner. He knows that he had hurt her times without number only that this time it was different because a baby was involved. He also knows that for obvious reasons she was still angry with him but he was willing to give her the time she needs to heal. It was going to be a tough decision and a difficult situation to handle but he was willing to go all the way.

She got home and she could perceive the aroma of well-cooked fries and roasted chicken from the living room. He was whistling when she entered the kitchen and from behind, she hugged him and smiled. He planted a kiss on her forehead and told her to go and freshen up knowing that he would be done by the time she’s done bathing. She came back 20mins later and straight into the dining room smelling all fresh. The diner that night was a wonderful one as they both talked and laughed but he was very careful not to mention any thing or crack jokes that would remind them about their loss or stand the chance of ruining the whole evening. They both finished and retired to the bedroom but as soon as he tried touching her, she withdrew herself and said good night and so he kissed her good night. He couldn’t sleep immediately as he hated himself for what he did and wondered how long this silence would continue. After hours of deep thoughts and sleeplessness he soon fell asleep. Their Saturday was a very quiet one she slept most of the day .

The next day being Sunday, they prepared for the Sunday ritual and surprisingly went to church together for the first time in a long while. The preacher preached about self-love. The message was so touching that she got out with tears to rededicate her life to Christ during the altar call. She felt new after the experience and felt like someone who just found a lost treasure. Their Sunday evening was a good one too. She was so happy that she couldn’t hide it because it was written all over her face. Later that same day, they went to the cinemas, spent some quality time and headed back home late in the evening. On their way home, he asked her what she wanted for valentine and she smiled and said “peace”. He smiled aback and said I promise you peace as from this moment on and I’m very sorry for all the pains I have caused you. They both cried and laughed as though it was a mixed feeling. It was indeed a memorable day for them and he was looking forward to the next day being Monday the 14th of February which of course is Valentine’s Day. He couldn’t wait to present his gift to her. It would be a customized bracelet and ring with their initials on it he thought as they both went to sleep happily.

He woke up around 5am and quietly went to his car, brought out the gift and placed it quietly beside her, went ahead to prepare for work and left quietly around 7. She was still very much asleep when he left but when she woke up around 8am, she noticed the box beside her with a an inscription on it that says happy valentine my love. She opened it quietly and couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks. The gifts were beautiful but it was just too late for gifts and flowers because her mind had been made up already.

She stood up to check her emails and got a reminder from the airlines that her flight was for 9pm and that she has to be there 2hrs before time for proper checking in. She had resigned from work on Friday and booked a flight to the states she was going to join the rest of her family. She would be travelling to the states to be with her family and to begin her life afresh. She thought to herself… “She would love herself just as Christ loved her” She wasn’t sure if she could live without Robert but she knew she wouldn’t have peace with him it was high time she found her peace in Christ who of course was her first love. She packed all her bags and belongings, had her bath and got dressed, picked his calls as though all was well. She finished packing around 2pm and then she went out to get her nails and hair done, returned to the house at about 5:30pm, prepared his meal and got ready for her final departure. Just as she was about to leave, she picked up a pen and paper and she wrote…
      “My Dear Robert,
       It’s been a sweet sad journey with you; you made me cry you made me laugh
       But most of all you made me think my happiness could only be found in you
       But i was glad to figure out how wrong you were
       All i needed was just to go find that happiness deep within me
       I know I wronged you lots of times baby
       So many times you thought I cheated on you
       But am glad that with you I was faithful
       I would always be grateful for your support and love
       I would never forget the love we shared
       But as much as you thought you loved me
       It became clear to me that it is a “rough love”
       And that is why I have to go and find my own love from within me
       I have to leave this “rough love”
       It is what I need to find myself
       Don’t look for me because I will be out of the country in an hour
       I love you…”
She left her engagement ring on the letter, looked around the house for the last time and left. The cab was outside waiting for her already. she didn’t look back or else she might change her mind…She thought as she cried all the way to the airport. It was really over between them. She couldn’t handle the ‘Rough Love’ anymore.

He came into the house feeling very jumpy and happy. He had a surprise for Julian, he had ordered for the latest Range Rover sport car for her and as he walked into the living room, he was amazed at the things he saw. There were coloured sweet scented candles lit around strategic places in the house and from a distance he could see his favorite wine in the ice bucket. “Wow” he sighed “Finally” he said ‘She is ready to forgive me”, And with that boldness, he walked towards the dining table, calling out for her as he moved closer to the wine and saw the ring on a white piece of paper. Just then, he shouted “NO!!!! pleases Julian don’t do this to me please!!!” he opened the letter, read it and ran up the stairs, he couldn’t hold back the tears and as he got to the room and saw that all her things were gone, he ran back down stairs shouting her name, he ran out into the streets shouting her name and asking anyone he came across if they saw his Julian, they all shook their heads in pity and knew he was beginning to lose it. After all the display, he managed to return back to the house. The candles had died out already and the house had become dark, it felt more empty and silent like a grave yard. It was as if he could hear his own heartbeat. He cried out with a loud voice again and again “Julian!” “Julian!” “Julian!” and then he turned on the switch, took the bottle of wine and opened it. He took several gulps and sat on the floor. He read the letter over and over again, he picked the bottle and threw it at their picture, the photo frame fell off the wall with a shattering noise he picked the ring up and held it to his heart and sobbed bitterly. “My life is over without you Julian, it’s really over” he said and he fell to the ground and blanked out.